A Bailey Update

As I told you all last week, I was having serious fears over Bailey’s working future. I am happy to report he’s back to his old self and the vets have discounted arthritis as the cause. His blood work came back with some low levels of thyroid but further tests all came back normal. A little rest last weekend and much TLC have seemed to perk the pup up. He’s been working lovely all week.

I worked very closely with my instructor this past week over the phone and she came out yesterday to see him work. She has said we will continue the assessment process due to the fact the waiting lists are so long and Bailey has slowed down a tad too. She is also conscious that my own personal plans may mean I need a younger dog and can’t just work Bailey in small areas where its nice and quiet. But she is happy for him to continue working and as my fears in the city are still quite relevant, she wants to assess us both in Manchester next Friday to see how he does.

But I have my old boy back and he’s seeming more and moor like his old self. I am very relieved and although I know that day is coming, its not coming just yet. Just thought you lovely lot would like to know he’s much better and working again.

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  1. BS”D

    It’s lovely news! I became really sad after your last post. Thanks G-d, my puppy girl is young and healthy! It must be terrible to know that the time is soon here so I understand that you are happy that your boy is back! Good luck to you two!

    Kind regards, Nadja

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