Was Having a Good Morning

Was exhausted last night. Still can’t figure out how I fell asleep with the amount of mountain Dew and the cafe Latte I drank yesterday but sure enough, after watching Breaking dawn and starting to re-read a book I enjoyed, I was off in sleepy land by probably around 11:30. Needless to say, as that is quite an early hour for me right now, I was awake at 7:30 this morning, bright eyed and bushy tailed. Well, bright eye may have been down to the eye pain I keep getting in my left eye but it’s all good. Ate a mulla rice for breakfast as wasn’t that hungry and sorted out puppy of course. After I’d drank my ginger and lemon tea, I decided, about 5 minutes to nine to wash the dishes dad had left before mum got up. She’s a terrible sleeper so she sleeps in on her days off. But apparently washing dishes was a definite “no, no” this morning. You try and be helpful, clearing up after your dad’s mess and minutes later get yelled at for banging dishes. I ask you all to try and be blind folded while stacking dishes on a drainer that has dishes already on it. I was not purposefully banging them. On to next leg of attack. It’s also apparently my fault when the phone rings and it’s a wrong number. God forbid that phone ring and I hadn’t have answered it and it be my sister in labour! By God, the mood would have been making the air black by that point. As it happened, I was not believed about wrong number either. Who the hell is going to call the house before nine AM for me? Most of my friends text or ring my iPhone. None of them call the house. So I’m now lying about wrong numbers?! I just can’t win when she’s in this mood. Apparently, I left my door “wide open” and its all my fault the phone rang and the phone’s in my room. Well, wouldn’t she has saved us all a headache and herself a grumpy mood if she had her door closed? No dishes clattering on the draining board and no telephone calls disturbing her sleep. So how is something she could have prevented happening all my fault? And now, I’m apparently “being funny” as I came down while I was getting dressed to take Bailey upstairs as he was barking. Well, excuse me if I was slightly concerned you’d start yelling at the dog for barking at such an ungodly hour, [9:30]. People should take more responsibility for their own actions. Next time you want a lie in, when you live in a house with other people, shut your bloody bedroom door. In the word of the mere cats. “simples”! OK, my little rant over. She knows I love her but she better snap out of the grumpy pants routine fast otherwise we will seriously fall out and oh, dear, it’s mother’s day this Sunday. In other news, Bailey’s results came back. All clear and the puppy dog is healthy. Big, gigantic hurray!!!!! His instructor is coming out tomorrow so I’ll have more info then. Got my pre-Op appointment through for next Thursday. What joy! Anyway, catch up soon, Hugs, MJ

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