Study Psychology or Counselling? Discuss!

Since my degree went tits up in November 2010, I’ve been on the mission to discover a way into work and I have come up with nothing. I’m under qualified for a job employers can see past the visual impairment. I have no work experience to convince them I can do a job. And lastly, I have no confidence to persuade them I can or even have the belief I can. Sound pathetic? I guess it does. But I don’t have a degree, some of which is down to my lack of ability to tackle problems back then in regard of support. I don’t entirely blame the uni for its lack of an ability to support me. I didn’t help or improve the situation. I was badly prepared for that kind of life from leaving school and sixth form. In the US, I got the support I needed and flourished. And fought to get support in Manchester that just never came, no matter how much I tried to educate the professors and ask for the material in a format I could work with. At that uni, I do blame the professors and disability services. They let me down and I did everything I could to try and make that experience a good one. At uni of Wales, they were fabulous! I got great results but the uni folded and no degree for me. It showed me though that I am capable of uni work when the correct support is given. So I’ve been tossing around the idea of counselling for months. My end goal is to work with people with disabilities and their families to adjust to a new situation of onset of disability or trauma. So, people losing limbs, sight or developing severe hearing loss. I’d like to help them and their families adjust to the new situation. I’m not saying, that’s all I’d do but that is my main goal with a look to maybe, at some point have and train animals to use for assistive therapy. This is a long way off and much studying I know but today I asked the question on twitter. Psychology or counselling foundation degree? Here are my pros for psychology Varied degree with options to work in many areas such as education, social work, marketing, advertising, etc. it’s a BSC Hons Degree It’s purely taught through the OU Cons It’s longer and so more expensive I want a practical psych job and this won’t lead to it Would have to further study in order to get a direct job in psych Would have to do a lot of statistics work And for the Counselling Foundation degree? Pros It’s 2 years minimum and so its cheaper Practical employment at the end of it I wouldn’t have to do as much theory and statistical work. Way more practical Cons its a limited career option afterward. Would still need to probably do further study to achieve my end goals but that’s true of both these options. Would I be considered as employable? Would have to study at a local centre that may not be equipped or prepared to take on my support needs which is one reason why I wanted to study with the OU in the first place. Don’t want to go through all that stress again. So those are just a few that I quickly thought of. I think I am pretty sure of what I want to do now but still got to investigate the local centre before I register I guess. In other news. Bailey’s been unwell. If anyone saw my GdOs unleashed post last week, you’ll know this. I do have a sort of update. So the vet is adamant its not arthritis. She ran some blood on Friday and all his liver, kidney functions are normal. White and red blood cells are fine and blood sugar. However, she suspected low Thyroid levels which would account for his lethargic behaviour that I mistook for stiffness and such. It would also account for anxious behaviour in busy areas. And his heart rate was lower than what it should be and he’s never had a low or high heart rate in the whole time I’ve had him. She had commented he looked worried and really sad and how his face seemed to have changed, like lost muscle tone. These are all symptoms of under active thyroid but its always hard to diagnose but easily treatable. He’s had lots of rest and I’m taking all precautions if I do work him which isn’t far at the moment. He has seemed a little better this weekend so we’re just waiting the lab results to see if we can see a cause for the low thyroid levels. Lets hope he’s diagnosed and we can treat it and get him back to his Bailey self. Not been nice watching my boy be sad. Horse riding has been going amazingly once again. Had a lovely ride yesterday in the beautiful spring sunshine. Sunshine has disappeared again today but what can you do? It’s Britain. Meant to be off to the cinema with Hannah tomorrow to watch Woman in Black. Lets see how that goes. Not read the book on purpose this time after my disappointment over war horse. Got to have my pre-op to have my wisdom tooth out. scared? Much! Sister’s nearly ready to drop. She’s huge! And its a boy. Boooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, I wanted her to have a little girl. Not sure what else I may have missed but that’s all for now folks. Oh, wait, one more thing. Really pissed off with sky. They blocked Apple’s iOS servers from their DNS servers so I couldn’t update my iPhone and iPad. Was shitty! And was not impressed. It’s all done now though, I changed the DNS. Oooo, look at me, getting all clever clogs. Well, that’s all I think folks. Hugs MJ

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