Pancake Day Soon!

It’s been a pretty awesome weekend. I might have spent slightly too much money but hey, it’s mum’s birthday soon and I needed some essentials. I’m often arguing with ignorant arseholes who don’t perceive The Body Shop items I buy as necessity. I’ve got bad allergies and a lot of mainstream products cause me to break out in painful rashes. The body shop products, primarily being made of natural ingredients don’t cause the allergic reactions. There’s only nivia I can use too but not much other choice. So it is kind of a necessity but hey-ho. People need to stay out of my shit! I don’t bitch at them all for drinking/smoking/eating out all of the time. i rarely do any of those things, smoking I never do, so what gives those people the right to tell me not to buy stuff that keeps me clean and free of discomfort? Same with horse riding. It’s one of my few pleasures in life. Just because you don’t get it and you don’t like animals, don’t get on my case because I do! It’s simple. I don’t tell you not to drink/smoke/eat out a lot so don’t tell me not to do the things I love either. On a better note, I just ignored the critical bastards and did it anyway. In fact, this weekend has been amazing! I have had three, yes, three rides and they were all absolutely fabulous! I was so happy! Didn’t do much today but got some stuff happening this week. Some, I’m not so sure of. Got an appointment at the hospital for my wisdom tooth that causes me nothing but pain and discomfort on Tuesday and of course, Tuesday is pancake day in the UK. I love pancakes. Giving up junk food completely for lent so that’ll do me and my fitness levels some good. No cookies, cakes, crisps or anything. lol. Wish me luck. Well, That’s all to report. speak soon, Hugs, MJ

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