Bailey’s Dlog: Entry 3

Hi you lovely lot! It’s been a while. Mummy’s been hogging the macbook thing. She’s also not been very well and keeps making this horrible atch-chu sound that scares me. It really makes me jump out of my fur. Then she gets these headaches and I hate her being sick.

Well, what’s been happening? We went to the place where people and things behind glass tell a story. It was about a stupid hairy monster, you know what I’m talking about? Those horse things. I just lay there, all cute and eventually went to sleep. Mummy said I was so good because even when there were big, loud noises, I didn’t even lift my head. I did nick a bit of popcorn that Auntie H***** dropped on the floor. heehee 😉

The week after that, the white stuff arrived. Mummy was out with the hairy monsters when it started but she got home and we went to the supermarket. It was crazies! Doggy friends, those humans loose their minds when the white stuff falls. Mummy said she thought I would be needing my boots in the next few days.

We stayed home on the Sunday, but mummy let me play in the snow. She throws snow balls and I chase them but can never seem to find them. Strange huh? Wonder where those silly balls of cold fluff get too?

On the Monday, we went out and I had to wear my boots. Mummy has made it less scary by playing with me and she always shows me the boots. They’re funny and make my paws feel very strange but I know it’s to stop my paws from getting hurt with the crunchy stuff the humans put down to stop them from slipping. I’ve worked very hard, helping mummy around the ice, that’s the slippery stuff. She’s not fallen once and every time I’d see ice on the ground, I’d stop until she found it with her foot and off we’d go again.

It’s been pretty cold and sometimes, me and mummy haven’t been out walking. Think she’s been escared of going out in cases she falls but I would always look after her.

And then tonight, we went to the noisy place with lots of balls. Mummy ties me to the bench and she keeps going up and throwing a ball down a long corridor with things at the end. I stand, waiting for her to come back and hope she doesn’t go with the ball down that corridor. I’d be escared by myself. Although I have another doggy friend at this place. He’s fun and we likes to wag at each other and say hello. I kinda likes this place. Mummy likes it too and there are lots of people to pet and stroke me.

So, lets hope I finally get a run this week. We’ve not been able to go because of the horrible ice and snow. Hope my auntie V**** can go with us this week. Mummy’s going to put up a page of all the videos of me. Because I’m just that cute! So if you want your videos of you up there too doggy friends, email mummy at but you has to be a guide dog, and your mummies and daddies must know.

Thank you for reading, Bailey

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