Not been up to much really. Felt rubbish with this sinus infection. Finished second lot of antibiotics on Wednesday. it’s not as bad as it was but certainly not gone. Think its just the sinuses overworking now. Been writing quite a bit and getting into a sort of routine. Read a few fab books recently, the Help was amazing, recommend that one very highly. It snowed today. First snow of 2012. And it’s deep. I had two riding lessons today because I just knew it was going to snow hard and I wouldn’t get my Sunday lesson in and I was right. Halfway through our second ride it started to come down very heavily. It’s like a winter wonderland out there tonight. Saw War horse a few weekends ago. Was a bit disappointed as the book was done so beautifully. But there you go. Started Pilates last week. Still learning it all but I’m loving it so far. Well, not much else to say so speak soon, Hugs, Marie

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