Belonging thanks to Hay Net

Rarely in my life as a blind child, young adult and now adult have I felt I really belong somewhere. California was probably an exception to that rule. But everywhere I’ve been, both in life and online, I’ve felt set apart from people because of my blindness and other things. I often feel like I’m the “nice blind girl” in some people’s eyes, or some negative image because I’ve spoken my mind about something. Even amongst blind students at the Royal National college for the blind, I didn’t feel like I belonged. I made some amazing friends and that was good but I didn’t belong there. Not because I think I’m better than a “blind college” but I just didn’t fit in that environment. Even on facebook and sometimes my own family, I don’t feel like I belong there. Very few people can see me as a person and not a blind person. I kinda understand that. I have some great VI friends who I feel lucky to have, and I have some amazing sighted friends too who put aside the blind factor to get to know me and accept me for all the good and bad parts. But still, there was no where I felt at total ease, until the past few months. A comment on my riding Blog a few months ago invited me to join a social network for people interested in horses and life in the country. I checked it out and discovered a new world. A world where people don’t judge because of lack of ability but embrace you for the same passion they have for horses. It has been a warm welcoming experience for me and although not many people who i know are as crazy about horses as I am, I just wanted to share my lovely experience and hope that if you ride regularly or have your own horse and want to join this fun network for equine enthusiasts, you should check out Hay Net The friendly members will cheer you on when you’re having down days and laugh with you at things and share your commiseration’s when things go wrong. There’s forums, advice columns by a lady who I’ve come to respect and enjoy interacting with on her own blog and meet new people. Ideas are shared along with experiences and there’s no barriers for anyone. I really want to thank the administrator for this site. You opened a world to me I never thought existed with horses. I knew I could learn to ride and wanted to own my own horse one day but you, with the members of this amazing network have kept my ambitions alive and have made me feel like I’m a real, and true Hay netter, no matter what! You guys see beyond the blindness. Thank you!

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