2012 So Far

It’s far too early to say if this has been a good year so far or not really. I’m again on the hunt for a life, career, etc. Lets hope I find a solid answer this year, right? Been campaigning against the government’s planned welfare reform bill and it’s got me anxious. What they’re offering is actually scary. So been doing that a lot. Had incredible toothache and a cold and now have sinusitis. What fun? Things are hopefully going to change this year for me. Things look not as gloomy as they did before Christmas but nothing to say they won’t this time next week. Bailey’s fine and family too. Back eating healthy hurray! I feel miles better when I eat well. Back to the losing weight thing and keeping it off. Still riding and loving it. Hoping to progress with that this year. So here’s to good health, career beginning and opportunities!

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