dear Nick and Dave

Dear Nick and Dave, I’ve been a complete and utter fool. First of all, Mr Cameron, despite you being a Tory, which I inherently despise, I trusted you to make the “RIGHT” choices where the disabled and sick were concerned. You, out of all your Tory buddies, should know what it is like to be a parent of a disabled child. You should have some compassion for those who cannot afford to pay someone else to take care of their sick child and are forced to give up work or rely on a support network to continue to care for their child at home. But it seems, that Britain’s families cannot rely on you, the father of a severely disabled son, to do “the right thing”. What would be right you ask? Well, not cutting their benefits and services, forcing them closer to a poverty line that these families are already dangerously close to already; and not making their futures even bleaker by taking away a benefit system that could give them a small chance of living a fuller life. No, Mr Cameron, doing those things are going to damage the future of this country not just add money to a pot which you could easily fill if you targeted the right areas. I am well aware cuts need to be made. But taking from the sick and disabled of your country is a disgusting, immoral and spineless thing to do. I’ve so far, only mentioned the children, who through no fault of their own are born with a disability or illness. None of these children go out to “become disabled”. None of them, wake up one morning thinking, I know what I’ll do, I’ll cause the headache of a lifetime to the world of Cam/Clegg and be ill and disabled. So why then, are you all determined to make their futures bleak? Now to the rest of the vulnerable you are targeting, and don’t worry Mr Clegg, I’ve not even started with you yet. What about those soldiers who fought for this country and are now ill or disabled because of the wars they’ve fought in on this country’s behalf? What about the soldier who lost his limbs in a bomb attack in Iraq? What about the soldier blinded in a gun blast in Afghanistan? What about the soldier, who saw so many of his fellow men die in combat, who now is scared of his own shadow because of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder? He can’t sleep because of the nightmares, he’s depressed and has survivors syndrome because he fought in a war he did not ask for? What about them, Mr Cameron? You’re going to tell them, after a year, they should “suck it up” and “deal with it”? That’s gratitude is it? That’s how you treat the heroes of your country? And what about those people, misfortunate enough to be diagnosed with cancer? If your government has its way, if they are not likely to die within six months, you will deem them, “Fit to work”? They are dying, Mr Cameron, show them some dignity in their final months or even years. And those adults, who grew up from disabled children, who never wanted to be blind, deaf, wheel chair bound or possess learning difficulties, you’re going to just allow their lives to become unbelievably miserable? You’re going to force those who are out of work, either because they cannot physically work, or have tried to gain employment but have come up against rejection upon rejection due to their disabilities, into a system that neither understands their plight or can deal with it? Job centre staff, no matter what you tell the UK people are ill equipped to assist with many disabilities. Going out and “getting a job” is not as straight forward as you would have the British public believe. And why is that, Mr Cameron? Allow me to enlighten you a little. Insurance premiums if a company employs a person with a disability sky rocket thus forcing companies to continually choose physically and mentally able people to do a job over the disabled, despite the qualifications and experiences of those individuals. Not right, but understandable. Then, there’s a big problem of doing a job. The practicality factor comes into play for many people. Someone with a fluctuating condition may be fine to work for a few weeks but then have a lapse in health. Employers are not that understanding and with good reason, they have a business to run. A huge lack of understanding within the employment world is responsible for the level of unemployment within the disabled community. Despite what your government tells the British public, the majority of us who are not too sick to work, would love a job but come up against so much rejection at every turn find it difficult. Of those employed with disabilities, how many are in “mainstream” employment? I don’t know the answer to that but I’m guessing a varying low end percentage. So my point here is, before you rip ESA from disabled people, educate employers, help to create a more accessible Britain, physically and socially, then educate the job centre Plus staff, help disabled people feel like they are not alone. Many are unable to work in your usual 16-19 year old type jobs, waitressing, bar tending, shop assistants for practical reasons and therefore cannot gain relative experience and confidence in the workplace thus leading to massive push backs in later life. And stop the propaganda that all disabled people are jetting off to the sun and having lavish holidays, I think you’re confusing the disabled population with your cabinet, Mr Cameron. As for DLA. Seriously, where did you get George Osbourne and where did he get his economics knowledge? The back of a cornflakes box? Cutting DLA by 20% when the fraud rate, which is the lowest out of all current benefits of 0.5% is actually really a bad move. Yes, yes, we need to cut the deficit. But do you not realise by cutting DLA and taking that essential money from disabled people you will probably cost this economy much more. So we established there are disabled people in employment. Whether they work for education, charities, technology companies, etc, but they all pay tax and national insurance, and they can work because of DLA. It is not means tested, I’m sure you know this, and so anyone with a disability can claim it. That money allows someone to work and be an active member of society. The Mobility component for example, helps someone in a wheelchair use a car with special adaptations so they can get to work and back. It helps a blind person use taxis if public transport isn’t available or pay someone to drive them. Are you seeing what I’m getting at, Mr Cameron? Take that mobility component away or even reduce it and you could end up with an even higher unemployment rate on your hands. DLA helps people live. It helps a physically disabled person or a blind person go to the gym or take part in sports as simply running is out of the question independently or physically impossible. That, Mr Cameron, keeps the disabled population from becoming obese which would only inflict on the collapsing NHS. It allows disabled people to be active and not be a burden to those around them. What your government is proposing, will diminish the lives of millions on so many levels and your conscience, if you still have one that is, is Okay with this? No one is asking for more, Mr Cameron, despite what your idiot friend Lord Freud indicated in the House of Lords. We don’t expect more, even though we are probably one of the lowest assisted countries in regard to disabilities in the Western world. Disabilities are complex, trying to simplify the system will not work. Hasn’t the ESA assessment test not shown you anything? 40% appeals win Mr Cameron, that’s a high figure and how much has that cost the government. The change to PIP from DLA will be even more disastrous if the Work Capability Assessment is anything to go by. So in essence, you’re costing the tax payer far more money by changing something that quite frankly is not broke. And, yes, the tax payers. Besides outright lying to them, have you asked them if they all want a high speed railway that will cost them in the region of 30 billion pounds? And that figure will likely increase over time as these figures always do. Do the general population of Britain want a costly, high speed railway that by the time its implemented, most won’t be able to afford with the rate that rail fare is going up? And the dodgy dealings with major businesses, Mr Cameron, this has to stop. A possible 8 billion is owed by Vodafone, if that is true, you’ve paid for the five years of DLA that you wanted to cut. And how many more big businesses owe the British tax payer billions of pounds? How much money did you spend on Libya Mr Cameron? That was in the billions, wasn’t it? Seems, you’re happy to spend money where it’s not needed and forget about the people who need you the most. The disabled population feel betrayed, insulted and disgraced by you and it is not a good time to be British. Now, Mr Clegg. Oh, yes, I haven’t forgotten about you either. You’re as bad as David over there. Broken promises, no, wait, absolute stabbed in the back. That is how your voters feel right now. You’ve completely and utterly turned your back on every person who believed in you. Students, “We won’t increase fees,” This academic year they were £3000, Mr Clegg, they will be next September in the majority of universities, £9000. I must have missed the class where 3 plus 9 equals no increase. So you stabbed the students in the back, and you also screwed over the disabled. I’m not letting you off on that one either. You, like David, promised the disabled and vulnerable wouldn’t be touched. Wow, this whole education of what we say and what we do, I must have missed that in the education classroom. We all know politicians lie but it seems this government has done nothing but tell lies, cover them up with more lies and create even more lies to make the truth sound like a lie. DWP are a good example, “We want to make a fairer system”. For who? The British Tax payer? The people in receipt of government help? No, you of course. No one disagrees with the fact we need to cut the debt we are in, but planning high speed railways, letting big companies and bankers get off without paying their dues is not the way to do it, is it Cam/Clegg? Oh no, we’ll just invest in hair brain hobbies that only the rich can benefit from at the expense of lives of those who most vulnerable and less able to help themselves. Destroy the social care for the elderly, wreck the NHS and make the disabled suffer so you can travel from one end of the country to the other in less time whilst allowing the big Knobs in the city to continue lavish live styles. Am I disappointed, no, I expected a “nasty” government. Am I shocked at the length this government is going to? Yes,. It’s callous, underhanded ways are despicable. You lie, don’t follow the rules set out in legislation, [consultation for the reform bill], you don’t listen to your people and do what you want. If you had the chance, I’m not so sure you wouldn’t take out the sick and disabled, line them up and shoot them all. Bring back hunting, right? And we all know what you’re going to try and do, cover it all over, the barmy disabled have lost their minds and bring in a popular policy, oh I know, give back the child benefit to couples earning over £40K a year, just leave the lady with MS shivering and starving at home without care. Let the child with downs syndrome be housebound; and let the wheelchair bound man lose his job because he has to give up his car. Cheers, Nick and Dave, your compassion for the British people astounds me!

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