Bailey’s dlog: entry 2:

So I was snoozing my little, cute, blond head off when mum pokes me, [not hard] and says I need to blog. apparently, you lovely lot loved my tails on mum last week! I thank you!

So what’s been happening? goes and reads previous entry. I’m a dog, I live in the moment.

Ah yes! Well, mummy had to go to the mouth man again last week. Apparently her teeth hurt. She doesn’t have sparkling teeth like mine. No, one’s perfect, unless you’re name is Bailey and you’re a cross Labrador Retriever. ah-hem. Yes, well, we went there and then mummy dragged me to this place where there are lovely ladies who think I’m just adorable. She wanted a flalexology treatment, something to do with her stinky feet. So she booked in and we went home. It was horribly wet and windy last week, my gorgeous ears just blew everywhere! and my golden fur got dirty and wet. It was horrific, doggy friends, just horrific.

So we went home, in the wind and rain and my Auntie V****, mummy’s sister was there. We went back to the other place for mum’s feet thing, in the rain and then we got home and little human was there. He’s OK when he leaves me alone and doesn’t scream. He was playing with MY mummy which I don’t like and try and push him away from her. Mummy tells me to be nice but little human is not as cute as me and mummy needs to give me all of her attention. If I push too hard, I get told to go to bed but that little human doesn’t get made to go to his bed when he pushes me, and he does. 🙁

So, we had a quiet weekend. Although she did leave me twice! Twice, yes, you heard me to go and play with those big, ugly, monsters, mummy calls them horses. I hate the horses, unless I can go too, then I likes them. So, she got home and we did some shopping but have had a very few boring days.

Today, we went for a long walk and I was pretty good, don’t let her tell you different. I was really trying not to say hello to those dogs and I couldn’t help it if it was cold and I needed another wee. She doesn’t get if I see grass, I want to weeeeeeeee. But she never shouts, just says, “I must have the patience of a saint”. Yeah right!

But I have had my dinner tonight and apparently we have some fun things to do this week. I hate this town we live in, it’s so boring and not as fun as the bigger places we go to, unless we’re going running which mummy says she thinks we might do. We couldn’t go last week as it was so horrible weather and mummy can’t take me by herself until the men finish fixing our park as other places she needs someone’s eyes and if I’m running, she can’t use me. So hopefully, auntie V**** will go with us on Thursday.

Mummy was telling me about brave doggies last night who helped their masters escape a horrible thing in somewhere far away ten years ago. The World Trade centre, I think that’s right. She said some wonderful doggies like me, were very brave and helped their masters escaped. So paws up to all those doggies who have always helped their masters and mistresses. I joke about mummy being hard on me but she loves me lots too. So many cuddles and kisses and treats and all that wonderful stuff. So all my doggie friends, go and give your owners a lovely snuggle. They deserve it too.


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  1. bailey is so cute! they can just about tell you anything if they wish! lol!

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