Spread the Word: The Spartacus Report

The government have initiated a Welfare Reform Bill that is currently going through the House of Lords which will place many disabled people and their families and carers at financial and social disadvantage if it comes in. Not only will many be forced to choose between heating, food and such, in already a tough economic climate, but others will have their rest bite, carers and other social services cut too. I’ve written before about the absurdity about these cuts but I also want to highlight something amazing that has happened. A team of disabled people today released what is being named, the Spartacus report which highlights the incredible misleading facts and figures the British government have been feeding to the public and press alike. This report was funded, researched and written by disabled people. Its circulation has already reached around the web. But sadly, the media outlets are currently not interested. So we need your help! If you’re on twitter. Please tweet “I support the #spartacusreport” and if you want to add why, then please do so. You can also add this link, http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1032857/response_to_proposed_dla_reforms%5B1%5D.pdf which is incidentally the report! Just so you know, the UK Government charged the organisers of this report £290 just for the Department of Work and Pensions to “receive it”. This is your government guys! You can also assist in the social world on facebook by replacing your status as I support the Spartacus report. You can also email your MP or pier, or do whatever you feel you can to advance the cause. Disabled people are not scroungers, we want to work, contribute but the attitudes of our society need to change in order for this to happen. Pushing the vulnerable of society into poverty will not save money, it’ll cost the tax payer more. 0.5% of DLA claimants are fraudulent, £20 billion is never claimed and so where is the 20% cuts to DLA coming from? The maths does not add up with this government and top business experts say tax avoidance could be costing upwards of £50 billion. Is anyone seeing an inconsistency here? There is backing for our cause with some fabulous and high profile people but the media are still not involved. So we need your help. Get the politicians and lords to listen, and get this story out in the media. The wonderful lady, Sue Marsh, whom’s blog can be found Here Thank you to the team of people who put this report together and funded it. Time now to help get the word out and not allow the government and media to brush us aside yet again. So please, share this blog with your friends, let them know the reality because no one is excluded from disability. You or someone you know could fall victim to blindness, mental illness, deafness, paralysation, neurone disease, and so on, at any time. If the government get this bill pushed through, then those affected will live a very isolated and less than equal existence. Spread the word!

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