2011, A Reflection

A few days ago, I would have said 2011 has been a shitty, unproductive and miserable year. I would have added, I’ve learnt nothing, gained SFA, and 2012 looks just as grim. But that was a few days ago and I was pre-menstrual. I’ll catch you up with the recents. Christmas was OK. I didn’t hate it, but hated the tooth ache so that’s what made it bla and the fact my sleeping has been all crazy and I was sleeping by 5 PM Christmas Day probably makes it a less than OK day really but being with family, having some amazing gifts and wonderful food brings the Christmas Day 2011 up to an OK standard. I was pretty down as I’d missed my best friend’s 30TH celebrations as I had an ulcer that was excruciating. However, the ice cube trick my Auntie gave me helped to ease it and meant I could stuff my face Christmas Day! Boxing day was OK too. No major arguments which in our family was a huge plus. I do miss the big Christmases of the past though. But there ya go, things change. I went riding Tuesday which was fabulous! Wednesday was my bummed out day. Thursday was spent with my sister, mum, and crazy ass nephew which I enjoyed. And yesterday, I took my best friend out for lunch and a cheeky drink for her birthday seen as I missed the big celebration. I think we made up for it with the amount we drank. How i’m up, awake, feeling A-OK this morning is beyond me! So you’re up to recent speed, now for the whole reflections. Well, 2011 hasn’t been the best year. My best friend lost her mum which was so sad. Our new government are planning shitting on the disabled big time without thinking through their plans. If they want disabled in work, which most of us want to be, then they need to work on employers, making things easier for them to employ someone with all kinds of disabilities and start making it easier for people to gain training and further qualifications financially. Politics aside though. I still didn’t find work, despite looking and have felt disappointed when trying to go down certain avenues. On the plus side though, think I know where I’m going now and pretty sure I can achieve the end result in a career I can physically do without any barriers being put up in regard to my sight. Fingers tightly crossed though. I have disconnected with some negative people and people who were not good to exist in my life. Yes, I still miss the good times but having liars and people who cannot be true to themselves cannot be present in my life. I’ve also met some amazing people online this year and have gained strength in friendships too. I’ve also got to know people away from the online world which has been very good for me. Socially Have been to two amazing concerts! Had a few good nights out and hang outs! Had a fab birthday! So socially life has been improved somewhat. Health! I’m fitter than I was this time last year. Sinuses cause me trouble every now and then but since taking some herbal tea, they’ve been much improved. I lost a lot of weight and feel physically better. Riding, walking and exercising as well as eating better has really helped me. Family I’ve got closer to my little sister again and my nephew, now he’s become more interactive, I enjoy playing with him much more. Mum and I have a better relationship and dad too. He’s actually started to listen to me in regards to technology and he now has a macbook. heehee 😉 Hobbies Writing keeps having its spurts but that will change in 2012, I’m determined to do better. Horse riding has come a long way. Despite what I write sometimes, I’ve come a long way since this time last year. I just need to keep improving with the determination I’ve shown this year. Ventures for 2011 Fundraising stopped with Guide Dogs for a variety of reasons. I wasn’t happy doing it for several moral issues and principles. Also, I got the interview for the para Olympics to volunteer, succeeded but couldn’t take up the place due to a lack of support in practicality. It was a good experience for me to go through and I don’t see it as a failure. 2012? I’m not sure what will happen. I have many hopes and potential ventures and changes but you’ll know about those when they are put into place. I learnt a lot about me this year and I’ve become a better person. I’m not giving up, I’m changing direction. I’m going to be focussed on my life and I cannot be responsible for every one else’s problems. Once I’m a qualified counsellor, hit me up and I’ll let you know my fees. Who knows? Might not end up being a counsellor. If this year has taught me anything, it’s that we never know what is around the corner, we just have to keep on trying to reach an end goal, despite if they change or not. I hope everyone has a fabulous new Year and 2012 is a better one for every one. To those who have supported me, cheered me up, cheered me on, been there for me, thank you! And to those who did let me down or we are not on speaking terms any more, good luck to you and all that you do. Holding grudges is tiresome and I’m starting 2012 on a better and happier and more positive note, I hope you can too. All the best for 2012, I’ll see you on the other side of Big Ben’s bells. Hugs, MJ

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  1. Happy new year. I’ve enjoyed finding your blog this year. I hope 2012 is amazing for you. You seem to be thinking very positively so far, which is a good start! Cool to hear you talking about your little nephew more as welll. Kids are amazing, if a little bit crazy at times!
    Happy new year to Baily too x

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