December blasted In

So, Friday night rolled around and my sister and I headed into Manchester to go to the Rihanna concert. I’ve been to several different types of concerts over my life and this was another different yet fabulous experience. We had fantastic seats! We were above the stage on stage left and I danced my way through the whole show. I know not everyone likes Rihanna but I think she’s fab! She represents to me so much, girl growing into a sexy woman. I was impressed with her performance and had an amazing time. Yesterday, I watched the HP and the deathly Hallows part II DVD for the second time this week and then went to my best friend’s for her boyfriend’s birthday meal. Lots of good food was consumed, many drinks and awesome company was enjoyed! Today, I hibernated as the rain was pelting down outside for most of it. I’m almost sorted for Xmas and have a few more nights out coming up so lets hope december ends this year on a high and I head into the new year with much to look forward too. Bailey has had a good week too. New tag for his collar and he met my best friend’s dog last night so has a new girlfriend to visit. Just relaxing now, want to get some writing done as the concert inspired me for one of my stories but not sure I’ll get that done tonight. Will speak soon, Hugs, MJ

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