More Leg Needed!

It was windy again this morning and i arrived to see my tall, white, friend. I mounted him, he has new stirrups so we had to discover which length fit me best. Once all settled, we headed for the road route.

He was very ploddy to begin with but had some nice trots. Not as forward as they should have been but I suspect my leg positioning had something to do with that or my lack of giving him a clear “lets go” with leg and seat.

We ventured onto the place where we can canter and I got him into a smooth one for several strides. The second one did not go very well. So off for more trotting and walking.

I managed to get him into one more canter today and I stayed nicely in my seat, just need to keep him there now. i was disappointed in myself though, as I wasn’t giving him enough leg or seat today. who knows why? Guess it was my off day today.

We arrived back and I helped to put his rug on not feeling thrilled with myself but hey, we all have to have an off day now and then I guess.

Until next time,


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