windy Hacks and a Wet Bum

I arrived this morning and when asked who I wanted to ride, I asked if my tall bay friend was available. he was, and I mounted him in the brisk, windy autumn stable yard.

We walked up the hill along the farm hack, in lead of a few other horses. Instead of trotting with the others, our instructor had me canter on the field instead. The canters on him are still a little sketchy. Not that I can’t get him to go, I can, but staying in my seat is not yet as natural as it is on others. I know in time I’ll fall into his canter rhythm as I am now doing with horses I’ve ridden a lot more. I was not discouraged by this as I had three lovely canters on him and felt more in control and didn’t lose a stirrup once today.

I did more cantering on today’s lesson than trotting. We had two lovely trots and I felt more in rhythm with him in trot today.

We attempted a final canter but only got one stride but the field was so boggy, I wasn’t surprised.

Strolling back down the lane, I felt like it was a fantastic lesson and I can already see improvements from my first ride with him. my heels stayed down, my position was good and I got some good feedback from the young lady who was walking alongside me today.

The only drawback to today’s lesson had nothing to do with my tall, bay friend or me, it was the wind. It was so gusty, I struggled hearing a lot today and was glad of someone beside me. But despite the wind, we had a fantastic hack.

We arrived back at the stables and as his stable is nearest to the gate, we waited for everyone to file past and then I jumped off and fell flat on my bum. I think I must have slipped on the surface on impact and ended up on my backside. My tall, bay friend looked down as if to say, “what are you doing down there?” It was definitely an amusing end to a good lesson.

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  1. Well it definitely put a smile on my face 🙂 Hope you can walk in the morning!

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