Fab Weekend!

I have had a quiet week what with horse riding being changed to Sunday this week. Thursday I got a manicure and took Bailey for a run with my sister then we made ginger bread. That was fun. Friday was neither here nor there and yesterday and today have so far been fabulous! Yesterday, I got up and showered and headed into Manchester to meet my good friend and her lovely guide dog. We both love Starbucks and the Christmas drinks or the “red cups” as Starbucks like to call them arrived last week so it was only fitting my friend and I grab a drink and a well deserved catch up. I came home and was scheduled to record a podcast with my friends over at Maccessibility and that went very well despite my being tired and coming down from a major coffee buzz. I ate crap yesterday but that was seriously the only downside and not enough water. I went to bed relatively early as I knew it was up bright and early for horse riding this morning. I got to the stables and it was a fantastic morning. If you would like to read more about my riding adventures, check out my my blog So going to have roast chicken for dinner and probably just relax for the rest of the day before I get cracking on some things I need to do this week. Book my tickets to London being the most important one and calling the support centre seen as they haven’t called me yet. That’s all for now guys, speak soon, Hugs MJ

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