Oreintation to The Yard

I arrived this morning to learn I should have got a text saying I couldn’t have a ride this morning due to illnesses and such. So instead of having a ride, I brushed down my favourite tall white friend and fed a few of them carrots. So my lesson this week will come in a double dose on Sunday with a bit of yard work in between. I don’t mind this at all. Should be interesting riding on a day I’ve never ridden before and having two rides in the same morning. I was happy I got to see my gorgeous tall white friend and give him a good old brush and have a lovely cuddle with him too though. So this morning was not a waste of time. Plus, learning more about the yard is always beneficial to me. Didn’t do much this morning but walking from stable to stable helped me orientate myself much better with that block. Small thing but necessary for learning the yard. 🙂

So until then, I’ll miss the horses and not update you all until after my next lesson.

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  1. Isn’t it great when technology fails? You got to spend some quality time with your best tall, white mate (!) and all for free. Sunday will be interesting too. Not least because you’ll get to spend some time on the ground which is worth as much to me as time in the saddle. Look forward to hearing how you get on – on Sunday? If you have the energy to write!


  2. I’m looking forward to it and I agree, learning all the other stuff is as important as learning in the saddle. I have a feeling my muscles may ache much on Sunday afternoon and Monday for sure. After brushing up the muck heap last week, I’m prepared for tired muscles and then a double dose in the saddle. Watch out bath, I’ll be making a long acquaintance I think. 🙂 🙂

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