Travelling, guide dogs, long day and Happy

So instead of getting up, adorning my jodhpurs, I was dressed and in my dad’s car by 7:30. He dropped Bailey and I at the local train station on his way to work and I got the train into Leeds from Rochdale. It’s just over an hour’s train journey and with some good assistance by Northern rail, I made it to the Action for the blind place relatively uneventfully. Well, that’s a tiny lie. The taxi driver who took me from Leeds station to the Action building was scared of my dog and wouldn’t help me or give clear directions to the door. But someone going to the building assisted me so I got inside safely on time. The day was to show blind and visually impaired people the apple line of products. I’d been asked to present and demo. It was fun and I enjoyed doing it and Bailey seemed happy enough. After it was over around 4:30, I got a taxi with a friend back to the station and we arranged our assistance, then went for a drink at the pub on the station. My assistance guy on the way home was a bit docile I think. I was told they’d pick me up inside the pub, the assistance had been for my friend with no problem but at six o’clock, he hadn’t shown so i wandered outside, he was there. Most people would have peeped inside wouldn’t they? Anyway, I made my train, with seconds to spare and arrived back in Rochdale as planned. I was very impressed with Bailey as he hasn’t been to this station until this morning and dad had assisted us up the stairs but Bailey walked us off the platform, to the door and directly to the steps which I found impressive as we’d travelled out on the opposite platform, at the other side of the steps going out. I know guide dogs are trained for this but I hadn’t asked him to find the steps, he just remembered those steps were the ones we would go down to get out I suppose. even after five and a half years of having a guide dog, I’m still pretty amazed by these wonderful creatures. Our taxi was there outside, waiting and we got home twelve hours or so after we’d left. safe to say, we’re both tired but we have both done a good bit of enjoyable work. I know I can’t boast a job but I hope when I help out on these kinds of things, I’m helping someone. Think it’ll be bed shortly for us both and see what tomorrow brings. Hugs MJ

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