You Learn Even On a Bad day

It was absolutely freezing this morning but I was thankful for no rain.

I was left to brush my tall white friend who was absolutely caked in mud. I love brushing the horses, not only because it helps them feel better but because it is some lovely time for us both.

I dropped one of the brushes on the floor and tried to find it with my feet but couldn’t. So I had to shout for my instructor. I wasn’t bending down to go looking for a brush with a huge horse at the side of me. I guess I’d adjust my own brushing to make sure I didn’t drop the brushes in my own stables.

I tacked him up, with an ease with putting the bridle on. I’m getting such a grip on putting the bridle on him which makes me feel good. I know brushing his face is becoming a new art for me to master as I’ve been a little uncertain on the sensitive areas around the horse’s face. Although during brushing today, I found a few more regions that I didn’t go looking for, we’ll leave it at that. πŸ˜‰

I led him out to the yard and adjusted my stirrups and tightened his girth. I mounted, then realised I needed my gloves so another new thing, putting gloves on while holding reins in one hand. Was weird but was a must if I wanted warm hands.

We took the farm hack today and I struggled getting him forward into a good, steady trot. We attempted the canter twice and although my position was reasonably well adjusted, my hands were low, I just didn’t get the energy from my legs into him to propel him forward.

We then proceeded to work on transitions. I had to do a long, forward trot first which was strong and then left a little to be desired on the energy front by the end. My stops and starts in the transitions were strong and I feel in good control when we do these.

Once back at the stable yard, I untacked and learnt to put a cooler on. I also learnt why we put coolers on after exercise. So I still learnt quite a bit besides my disappointment in myself on cantering. I do wonder if I’ll ever just get it to click once and for all?

So until next time,

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  1. Don’t beat yourself up over it πŸ™‚ Sometimes the horse isn’t having the best day either!

    This time next year you’re going to look back and laugh about this.


  2. I hope you’re right. It’s the perfectionist in me to. I’m the same with being a guide dog handler, constantly asking myself what I’m doing wrong? But I know they have off days too, just have to remember that. Your post on problem solving this week has given me a lot to think about to. πŸ™‚

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