Much Better

I slept most of Sunday and had a decent sleep Sunday night. Then slept all Monday morning and managed to stay awake for most of Monday. Still have a disgusting nose but it’s no longer running like a tap. I just keep drinking lemsips and hoping the vitamin C kicks in soon. I’m still waiting on the college to email me and figure now I better find something to do in the meantime in regard to qualifications. I am considering seeing a careers advisor or might just call open university to see if their counselling course is to gain a qualification to practice. I know I wrote about giving up riding on Sunday. But honestly, despite me probably being a rubbish rider and with no prospects to ever own the way my life is going, I’m not sure I could say goodbye to horses. They seem to creep into your heart and refuse to leave. So I guess I’ll keep up riding. At least its good exercise. The weather finally broke on Sunday and last night I was able to sleep without a fan on. Finally! This feels more like October. About bloody time! Anyway, going to have breakfast in a little while, may grab a shower and hoping I have a decent ride today. I hate having only my horse riding to keep me active for two days a week. Was so hoping I’d be able to get up every week day, go to college and stop feeling like a total bum! Speak soon, Hugs, MJ

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