I’ve definitely been missing from action since Friday dinner time. We went to a party Friday night and I had started feeling like i’d pulled my back. I still went but we didn’t stay long and I had one drink. We came home, I slept pretty well and Saturday woke up with a painful back, neck and shoulder. I literally slept all day, just waking to eat and spend Bailey. It was awful. Then i was awake all night because I’d slept so much. I was still in pain but the pain had been eased by a nice hot bath. I spent Saturday night with mum and Kai who I was goofing around with. That was fun but I was exhausted and fell asleep only to wake up and stay awake for hours on end. I repeated frequent napping periods on Sunday and suffered another all nighter when people arguing woke me up. My back was slightly better but I still felt drained. Mum came to the conclusion that I had a chill in my back and I am inclined to agree with her. Yesterday, I woke up late, and ended up napping around four PM which I didn’t want to do. But on good news, I fell asleep around 11 last night, and woke up at 3 this morning. I know that may sound bad but with the amount of sleep I’ve had, and after four hours, I’m not complaining. Feel more awake this morning than I have in days. so lets hope I’m getting back to normal. It’s so annoying. Had lots of plans for the weekend and none came about. So lets hope this week goes much better and I can be productive again. I’m waiting on some news so fingers crossed. I’ll let you know when it comes whether it is good or bad. 🙂 well, better think about getting my elderflower tea. It’s early but hopefully riding this morning at 9. So lets hope that goes well. Speak soon. Hugs, MJ

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