This week has been a pure mixed bag. I had two horrendous riding lessons this week, arguments within the household, people not speaking, arguments with neighbours and yet I got back in contact with my auntie this week and found a horse to ride just for fun which I did yesterday. So all in all, it’s been a weird week. Coupled with the fact that poor old pup is still peeing like a waterfall, although, admittedly not as bad, I’ve been tired and not as active as I would like, but it’s been kinda, bleh. I’ve thought about my two aunties and their families a lot in the past, and it was a nice surprise that we’ve got back in contact. Hopefully, they’ll be coming to visit this week so I’ll let you all know how it goes. I’m hoping my riding is much better this week after having a fab time on treacle yesterday. 🙂 Bailey’s getting better, still a bit moody but he’s bouncier and working well, just peeing loads lol. He’ll have his last steroid in the morning so fingers crossed the peeing shall return to absolute normal by Wednesday or Thursday. I was sincerely pissed off on Friday when someone who is partially sighted treated me like a pure idiot, telling me I am “unrealistic” about my career choices and asking me lots of questions as though I had not even considered those things. I know what I want to do has its risks, I know it will be a challenge but I’m willing to learn and try it. After all, finding work in the so called “commercial” world hasn’t got me very far so far. If it doesn’t work out, at least I can hold my hands and say I’ve tried. But those skills won’t be lost. But to say to someone, you should speak to someone with more experience, what gave that person the assumption that I hadn’t considered those things? In fact, I’ve spoken to several people in the horse community and vetenery community who all consider it a real possibility. There are ways of being safe and methods of preventing the preventable. After all, working with animals poses risks for anyone. I guess I’m just willing to try and it’s not like it’s my only option at the moment. This person does not know me at all and I don’t see how they can assume what I have and have not considered. Never assume, always ask. Other than that, not much to report. Got lots to do tomorrow, to start with, call the British Horse Society to talk about courses. That’s all for now, Hopefully will be more awake this week too. Hugs, MJ

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