Peeing machine, sleeplessness and yet I smile

It’s been a while. I am not making excuses but I’ve been bloody exhausted. Mum and I went looking at a potential loan horse who was simply lovely but it was not meant to be as she’s in foal. So we’re still on the look for a horse. 🙂 In animal related stuff, my poor yet very silly pup has been sticking his nose where it’s not welcome and had another allergic reaction. Poor baby had a bunch of bumps that burst and oozed nasty stuff and sores in his mouth so he’s had a course of antibiotics and steroids so he’s been peeing for Great Britain and possibly the Common Wealth too. He’s on the mend now and I’m hoping his last pee tonight will be the last until morning. Riding is going well. Although I had a bad lesson on Tuesday. I sucked! Simple as that. I’ve not been being very productive as my sleep has been crazy. Before pup got ill the nights had been warm and I was struggling to sleep. So hopefully once his lordship is better, I can sleep again, exercise better and have energy to write and do all the stuff I generally do. I emailed the open school of equine studies and asked about doing a course. They were pretty open minded about it and I think I may do that. Going to research a few other options first. I’ve found a new sport I want to try. Sound tennis for the blind. This sounds awesome and I loved tennis in High school so think I might see if I can get some equipment, grab some crazy blindies and head to an indoor tennis court to play. Everything else is same as. Not much else to report. So will sign off for now. Hugs, MJ

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