Horse shows, Summer Trips and hopes

On sunday, mum, Bailey and I went to a local horse show to watch mum’s friend’s daughter show her horse. It was loads of fun and now I know horses are definitely where I want to be. I love being around them, understanding them and I just feel like nothing can stop me, regardless of people keep telling me that I can’t do it. we’ll see. Tuesday, mum and dad took my nephew to a farm and yesterday mum, dad, Bailey and I went to skipton and visited the castle. it was very interesting and I really enjoyed it. So did the parentals and Bailey was a very well behaved pup. I had riding again today and had a great lesson. Both lessons this week have been a lot of fun. Check out my riding blogs if you’re interested. I watched some of the European dressage championships today and I just can’t wait until I may possibly attempt dressage or show jumping. Not much planned this weekend besides going watching some friends in a horse competition at the stables where I ride. Until next time, Hugs MJ

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