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So, if none of you have guessed, I am ridiculously obsessed with horses. I have caught the bug and clearly there is no way back. I’ve caught the bug so much so that today, [providing nothing goes wrong as I’m a huge pessimist], we are off to a local horse show. When I say we, I mean, mum, Bailey and myself. This is a passion I share with my mum, one of the few things we seem to have in common besides the obvious so it’s kind of cool that we’re going to share this experience today, providing she doesn’t yell at me. Mum gets anxious quickly and then yells at me so it should be interesting. I’ll let you know how it all goes, the good and the ugly bits. Besides that, things are going well but will have to update you all on that another time as I really need to finish getting ready and packing our lunches, the pup’s water and such. So bye for now, Hugs MJ


I am 29 and feel like I have more blogs than I care to think about. That's where Life without sight has come into it. I finally have grown up and stepped into the hosting world. Lets see how this goes :)

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