Lets Go!

After the longest week of my life, I was happily back in the saddle yesterday. I brushed the horse before my instructor placed the bridle and saddle upon him. Then I had to lead him out, remaining in complete control and making sure I was leading not the horse leading me. It’s a good feeling having a wonderful animal as huge as a horse walk beside me and know that he’s listening to my hands under his chin. It felt mighty good to sit back in the saddle and take up my reins. The lesson started well, did a few good trots and then I thought I was going to have another canter nightmare on my hands as I seemingly was not getting the “I want to canter” message across. But after a few failed attempts, got two really good canters out of him. I also felt my hands were a lot more in tune with the horse’s mouth and only needed a few corrections. I really need to learn to be firmer about my legs on the horse’s sides and staying in the saddle. Slowly, it’s coming and I know I will get there and keep improving. Stay tuned for more updates soon, Marie

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