The Sunshine has Returned

Even though it’s not as hot as it was on Monday, it’s pretty bloody gorgeous again today. Riding lesson was awesome on Tuesday, had my old instructor back after her sickness. she’s getting there but it was awesome to have her teaching me again. Bailey worked fab on Teuesday and was a good boy at the stables. Mum enjoyed it to I think. I love riding so much, if I could do it every day I think I would. 🙂 Slept better last night but was still awake at 5:30. lol. Was in bed and asleep by around 10:30 so its all good. Started a new project this week so I’m excited about that and have quit my fundraising role with Guide Dogs for several reasons. I’m going to continue to fundraise for them but not in an official capacity, just as and when I feel like it. Too many politics going on there for my liking. Going to try to get back into my writing big time too and hope this sun helps to do that. Lion should be out soon so excited for that. Think that’s about it for today, but will write more as and when you need to know things 🙂 Laters 🙂 MJ

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