Summer Made a Brief Appearance

The past few days have been well into the 80s temperature wise. I even bathed the pup yesterday it was so hot. Sadly, buzzy and stingy things are on the prowl and my allergies are horrendous, my only two dislikes to the summer months. It’s meant to be cooler today and then rain again tomorrow so as usual, the weather is as unstable as someone just having been admitted to a mental hospital. Bailey’s doing good. Worked him early yesterday as the heat was so intense, even by eight aM. He’s coming with mum and I to the stables hopefully today for my riding lesson, providing nothing changes between now and ten AM. Been writing and doing video blogs, as some of you may have seen. don’t worry, I’m not getting lazy, just thought it would be fun to do also. Anyway, just thought I’d drop by and kill a few mins before getting ready for the day. Been awake since 3:30 and fell asleep for about 30 minutes but wide awake since 5:15. It doesn’t bother me so much. Just hope I can sleep tonight. anyway, that’s all for now. Laters MJ

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