Sometimes Best to Trust the Dog than even Yourself?

Anyone who has read my posts on here or elsewhere will know I’ve been a GDO for five years now. Some would think you are going to hardly ever have issues, you’d be wrong. A conversation a few days ago focussed on the fact that some guide Dog owners are fearful of speaking out about their inadequacies in fear of retribution or ridicule from other GDOs. I hate that idea and if I’ve messed up or something’s not going right, I’ll always hold my hands up. I want everyone to know who reads this blog, no partnership is perfect and some days are worse than others and sometimes a trusted relationship can have hiccoughs. Just like Bailey and I experienced the other day.

We were walking on a route I know pretty well and I think they’ve recently added some tactile pavings along the stretch of road I was walking along because I didn’t recognise them. The path seemed extremely narrow and for about two minutes I was convinced we were in the road. I didn’t blame the pup but couldn’t understand why he kept pulling me toward the traffic. I feared for him more than anything as I knew he was closest to the road side. It had also rained that day and my rational part of my brain tells me now that the rain could have made the sounds a little distorted and that was why I was hugging the bushes so tightly and panicking like crazy.

All the while Bailey looks at me as though I’ve lost the plot entirely. He knew, and I should have trusted him, that we were OK. When I finally got to the steps I knew we had been safe all along but my pup always knew that and hadn’t faltered a paw all the time I was panicking.

My worry then was that I had done him some psychological damage with my impression of tars an, clinging to trees along the path. I can laugh now but as I broke down in tears on the little wall at the top of the steps, I didn’t find it funny in the slightest.

No one ever be afraid to admit you got it wrong because admitting it means you can learn from it. If anyone wants to laugh at my experience, go ahead, its fine, because if your partnership is so perfect, congratulations, but we all, including the pups have off days and that was definitely my off day.

Bailey has worked lovely since so I think he realised mummy’s an absolute lune and just loves clinging to bushes. If anyone feels comfortable sharing a story like this please do so in the comments or email us and we’ll set you up to be a guest blogger. Thanks for reading and please do share your experiences.

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