First Weeks of Trotting

My first few weeks of riding quickly progressed to a sitting trot. This is where the rider stays seated holding the reins in one hand and holding onto the saddle in the other. Trotting is probably the most uncomfortable gait to stay seated, at least that’s what I’ve found.


Trotting is a two leg gait where the opposite legs move in sync I.E. front left and back right and vice versa.

My Initial Reaction

I always wanted to ride as I’ve said in previous posts but once I began, I wanted to succeed more than ever at horse riding. For me, this was something my mum and I finally had in common, we are quite different in regards to our interests so when I finally started riding I felt I had to do well to keep that common interest alive. There was never any pressure from her but it was finally nice to enjoy something that she and I both loved.

Trotting scared me a little at first but Harry, who I was still riding for those first few weeks really helped me to ease into trotting, even sitting. And before long we started on the rising trot.

More on that next time.
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