Moving from WordPress to blogger? The Easy Way

You may be asking yourself, why on earth are you moving from wordpress to blogger?

admittedly, I’ve used both services over the past five years of my blogging life and did begin that life at Google’s Blogspot as it was known then. Slowly, it lost a lot of its accessibility features and I wanted to move and so did so to WordPress where I have been existing with several blogs for a while.

Two years ago, I even registered my Phoenix Quils site as a domain and then earlier this year GDOs Unleashed

To say I am unhappy with WordPress would be untrue. I like what they offer and new features are fantastic but financially at the moment I cannot afford to pay for any more upgrades and I feel a little overwhelmed with, [despite others telling me how easy it is to use]. and I got to thinking as I wrote my first post on my new horse riding blog that I may want to add video and audio to my blogs. I know I could have links to Dropbox [the popular file sharing service or audioboo but they wouldn’t be imbedded. similarly, I could have the link open in Youtube and for longer videos I may still do this but Blogger offers me the ability to imbed videos to my blog.

Not only that but Blogger also allows html code on the site outside of the blogs’ content, allowing for facebook like buttons and much more customisation.

So while wordpress continues to offer me a great service for two of my blogs, I think Blogger can offer me something else.

So How To Do it?

I have been here, there and everywhere on the web to find a way to switch, and although there are many posts switching from Blogger to wordpress, there are few detailing ways to do the opposite.

There is a conversion tool that is meant to import your wordpress blog to blogger with comments and all the other data you may want, however, that gave me error codes when importing the file to blogger. So at the risk of losing all of my comments, I felt the only way was manual. Wow, what work, huh?


I use Red Sweater Software’s popular blogging app on the mac Mars Edit and will continue to do so for a long time to come. However, a long time ago I had bought Mariner Software MacJournal in a bundle and had recently discovered I could record video within the app. That aside, I wondered if I could add my old wordpress blogs and download all entries and then copy the entries over to the new Blogger Blogs in Macjournal. I had tried this with Mars Edit to no avail.

And guess what?
It worked!!!!!

True I’ve no longer got my comments but seen as there were few anyway, I cannot say I am too concerned. If you’re looking to port a blog, it’s not a bad idea if you don’t mind losing all of your categories and comments. It was a sacrifice with those particular blogs I was willing to make.


WordPress need to export easily to other blogs and blogger need to allow imports from wordpress. It works the other way just fine. It’s probably not the best solution but I’m just glad I found one.

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