International Guide Dog Day

Today, 27TH April 2011, marks the International Guide Dog Day for 2011. This has been celebrated for the past thirteen years by the 72 schools that are partnered with the international Guide Dog Federation

The day is celebrated on the last Wednesday in April of each year and during this day, it is hoped awareness is heightened about Guide Dogs and what they do.

Often, through a lack of education, owners can be prohibited from entering establishments and using modes of transportation because of their dog. Guide Dogs, in most countries are permitted into Cafes, Restaurants, any public building, and are able to use public transport including taxis.

There have been incidents where owners have been refused and in some cases, in Britain, in the last year, a taxi company was fined because they charged a guide dog owner extra on her journey because the dog would have shed and he’d have to clean it up.

The international Guide Dog day is to promote awareness of many facts, the working nature of a guide dog but mostly to highlight that guide dogs, by law, are permitted to enter public buildings, regardless of the food hygiene concerns, and onto public transports with no extra cost.

Hope everyone had a fantastic International Guide Dog Day and if you did anything to mark the occasion, please let us know. Don’t forget to Follow us on Twitter and Like us on Facebook and you can also join our mailing list on Google Groups

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