Bank Holiday Weekends, ugh!

It has been a long but quite fun bank holiday this past weekend. Although, can’t say I’m looking forward to the one that’s coming up. Because Easter was so late this year, our May bank Holiday is the next weekend after easter and with the Royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton this Friday, we have 4 days off again.

Bank holidays in our house are not fun. dad sits in his chair and doesn’t want to do much. Neither did mum this weekend either. But she did come to the field where Bailey had a lovely run on Saturday and we had a picnic. sunday, dad and I took him to Tandle Hills park and he loved that. so the pup had a great weekend heehee.

I’ve not been sleeping well and can’t tell if it’s the slimming herbal tablets I’m on or the usual lapse of sleep I get every couple of months or so. But anyway, the pills are working great so I’m not complaining. 🙂

Was riding again this morning and that went awesomely. I just can’t express the freedom and joy I feel being around these great animals. 🙂 been reading a horse care book too and that’s really intersting.

Think reading will take up a lot of my time this week as not all the kids are back at school and I don’t want to risk the library. 😉

Well, not much else to say. Met up with my friend Gail and her guide dog Wanda last Thursday which was fab. Had a lovely chat in Starbucks. My cousin was up at the weekend so saw her tribe. So all in all, Easter was quiet. And I didn’t get one easter egg but that really didn’t bother me. Not craving much junk food these days which is funny. lol.

Anyway, will keep you updated.

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