Bleh March

Just when things seem to be going OK, I take a giant flying leap backwards. I’m going to sound like a complaining bitch but I’m stressed, tired, ill, and just damn right fed up at the minute.

I’ve not been fighting my infection well and was back at the docs last week. I’ve just been so tired and I’m 27 for goodness sakes. It’s not like I have a job to keep me tired so they took blood today so now I’ll be on pins waiting to hear about that.

Haven’t been riding for a while and that’s making me sad. Been trying to get hold of the lady but with no joy. Hope everything’s OK and I can start riding again soon.

Mum’s birthday went very well. We had a great night at her surprise meal. 🙂 so that was a success. And last Friday we went to Guide Dogs training school in Atherton where it was a volunteer day and Bailey and I did a talk about guide dog ownership. Our talk was received very well so this made me happy.

I’m hoping my benefits will all be sorted soon. And RNIB are coming next week to see about me speaking for them. So hopefully there’s something else for me to do. As in regard to the job, I just keep looking. I’d move as far as London if it meant I could work but only on a permanent basis. It’d be a huge move to make for a temp job.

I was chatting to a friend last night and it seemed to make me feel slightly better to know that it’s not just me feeling lost at the moment. It sucks, but I’m not the only one. And we should all be thankful we’re even living after the sad tragedy in Japan on the 11TH of March. 🙁

Well, Bailey’s doing good, he’s keeping me as active as I can be. I just wanna get back riding and soon. 🙁

I’ve been writing more again so that’s a good thing. And slowly my voice is coming back so hopefully can get to some singing soon too. I’m so uncertain of what to do but I have to do something. Sadly, the way the conomy, people’s attitudes are it’s definitely not going to happen overnight.

well, that’s all from me for now. Will keep you all updated. There’s something big happening on Saturday but will tell you more about that after it’s happened. 🙂
By for now

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