Crazy! Crazy! Crazy!!!!!

I’ve been so ill this week. Ended up with a sinus and ear infection, fluid on one ear, perforated eardrum on the other one. So this week has kinda been sucky. Not as bad as I thought it might be. Even after yesterday.


So I discovered that a friendship I wasn’t sure if over, was as fake as they come. I’ve been lied to so much it’s not even funny. Well, actually, after finding out a lot of the stuff I am highly amused. This person has lost any respect I once had for them and I now know they thought little of me. Not just me though either, pretty much anyone. If friendships are that fake, then I want no part in it. Can’t even say I can cherish any of the memories, because how many of them are real. But life goes on and karma works in this universe. I can’t even say anything nice after all the things I learnt about this person. That’s sad. Despite most things, I’ve been through, even people I’ve had falling outs with, I can at least say some nice things about them. Not this person. I’m rather disgusted by some of the things they’ve done, and none of them toward me. It’s one thing to lie and not be real, which I’d always said it’s all I expect from a friendship, but what this person has done to others makes me see them in the true light. And that light is murky and nasty. So, as my mum always said, nothing nice to say, say nothing at all. But all I have to say is thank you to those people who have always been real and will continue to be so. I appreciate you and you got my back, I will definitely have yours.


What else? Seriously, hardly been out of the house this week. I plan to make that change. Had some exciting opportunities come up but will only tell you about those when they happen. 🙂


Let’s hope this week is a better one and I get function back in both ears and can do all I need to do this week. Which is a lot?


Hoping to possibly change my career focus altogether. Just worried my vision might make some people wary of my choice. But without trying, I’ll never know, so here goes 🙂


For those of you interested, I’m looking to do canine massage. 🙂


Anyway, once I’m better and have more exciting things to tell you, I’ll be back.



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