Last Week was Fab!

So I wrote just a week ago about how great my week had started. I’m happy to report it only got better. 🙂


Besides my sinuses playing up yesterday and today, I’m still feeling rather positive. So what else happened last week, you may ask?


Wednesday I spent most of it with my nephew and sister. That was cool. Then Thursday I had my hair cut and was asked to do something rather exciting on that Saturday which I will come too. Then Friday I met up with my best friend, had a catch up, ate good food and had a few drinks. Then Saturday Bailey and I went to Manchester City’s home ground at the city of Manchester Stadium and helped, with our district Fundraiser to launch a competition for the juniors to name one of the five guide dog puppies City are sponsoring. We had to stand on the pitch at half time and the whole interview was streamed around the stadium on the big screens. Was fun and Bailey is such a super star diva dog, taking pictures as though he does it every day of his life. lol.


So, That was Saturday. Then sunday I worked on my website all day for guide dog owners. So last week was a good week. Just keep hoping they’re as good as that.


Not sure if my sinuses are just being gits or there is an underlying problem with them, that requires more surgery, I’m hoping not but you never know. lol.


Well write soon.



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