Happy and Excited!

Yesterday was a massively productive and happy day for me. Bailey’s vet appointment went well. His nose is all healed up and the lump I found was just a fatty one so he’s a healthy and happy pup again.

Yesterday afternoon we went to Salfrod City college to talk about Guide dogs. It was my first talk as a speaker for guide dogs and it went so well. I was told I was a natural and some thought I’d been doing it a while. It was nice to be complimented and I’m excited with my new role within the association.

Talking to my district fundraiser, it looks like I won’t have to give up the branch, just change roles which makes me very, very, happy. I love raising money for them but couldn’t handle all the paperwork so hopefully will be becoming the branch’s chair. So fingers crossed. I really enjoy my voluntary work and am hoping I’ll be able to do more with different associations in regard to get some work experience within tech.

So that was yesterday.

Today was another awesome day. Horse riding first thing and my rising trot is totally mastered! I have got it and feel confident. I was in charge of the horse quite a bit during my lesson today and felt so confident doing that too. I think I’ve found a sport I both love and I’m good at. Definitely thinking about getting involved with other things. 🙂

Then I got home and my Rihanna tickets were here so I’m very excited.

Let’s hope this is a good sign for February.


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