Episode 38

Episode 38 Locked Up

The cell door slammed shut as JC flopped onto the concrete feeling cot. Eighteen hours of questioning over a fucking abduction and GBH charge wasn’t right. He knew they were gunning for his ass. Sighing heavily, he lay back and stared up to the bright strip of light. Squeezing his eyes together he wondered how the hell his life had come to this? Screwing his fists into tight balls, he knew that if the cops did him for this, he’d be doing time. But how the fuck could they? He was with Caitlin and a club full of people. He and his lawyer still couldn’t understand how he was still here. Apparently they were concerned he would go and kill Lexie in the hospital so they were keeping him until they could clear things up. That would be a huge ass suing case he had told his lawyer as they’d spoken after the last interrogation session.

He was missing his girl and hated that he hadn’t talked to her. His lawyer promised him he’d let her know what was happening. But not seeing, her, touching her, being with her was hurting him in a way he didn’t even know was possible. Covering his eyes with his hands, JC tried to catch some sleep before the inevitable interrogation began again.

Rico was pacing up and down the painfully, brightly lit hallway as Devaughn sat hunched over in a chair too small for his huge body. Rico was scared, Devaughn non-responsive with blood all over his shirt. She’d bled so much and Rico was sure she was dead. They were stitching her up and seeing if there was any internal damage but both men were scared. Rico had left the twins with their captives. Luckily the cops had been preoccupied with the injured and the state of the club so their get away had been easy enough especially because the boys Battle had sent were merely that, boys! Rico’s eyes blinked as he watched Devaughn for a minute. The guy who many would cross the street rather than cross paths with him was huddled like a boy lost in the mall. His dark cheeks were streaked with rivers of glistening tears. Half of Rico wanted to hug him, the other half wanted to punch the shit out of him. Turning away, Rico watched the doctors and nurses around the girl who suddenly looked whiter than snow rather than her usual light, golden brown colour. Her hair was messy and matted with blood, her clothes had been cut off and removed and placed in a plastic bag while her eyes remained closed. She looked dead! Even if she wasn’t, Rico would have sworn on many occasions that night that they’d lost her and he’d have to ‘fess up and tell JC he’d not done his job properly and bear the brunt of JC’s wrath. He’d be pissed. No, worse than that, he’d be upset and hurt but Rico kept praying he would never have to have that conversation.

It hurt! And hurt like a bitch! Where was she? She could hear voices, beeping, movement around her. Her hearing was acute due to the sight lost of years ago and it was slowly coming into focus. It sounded like she was in a hospital or something to that effect. Her body hurt so bad! The fuzz that was clouding her mind cleared slightly and she could remember the sounds of gunshots, people screaming. Oh h God! The club! What had happened? Who was doing the shooting? Was everyone OK?

“She’s awake,” A voice murmured around two feet away and soon her mind was unable to think peacefully as doctors checked her vitals and asked her a series of questions.

“What do you mean?” Rico was glowering at Devaughn now as he stood holding two cups of dish water coffee from the hospital’s vending machine in his shovel like hands. “What I said, homie,” Devaughn’s eyes glistened with tears and his cheeks blotched from the crying. “I called the jail and asked to speak to him. He has a right to know. Not only was it his club but his girlfriend, Rico.” “And what the fuck can he do from inside, puto?” Rico didn’t often curse at his friends in Spanish, especially those who didn’t speak it but Devaughn had done something he did not like. JC would be going up the wall as it was and now he knew his girl was hurt and the club had been targeted by his rival. Battle had made JC an enemy for a variety of reasons but the main one, JC had the girl he wanted. “Rico, wouldn’t you wanna know?” Devaughn was a fuck for doing this but Rico knew in his heart that JC would want to know. Sighing heavily, Rico took the watery coffee from Devaughn and flopped into the green plastic chair to wait for news. Heads would roll and he just hoped his wasn’t one of them.

JC’s hands clenched hard as he was put back in his cell. She’d been shot? Rico had taken the culprits with Malakai and Nate to lock up and Devaughn had driven her to the hospital. His thoughts raced so fast around his head the fluorescent lights above him seemed to dance as though his thoughts were visible before his eyes. He could no longer hear the sound of the other men on the cell block but the pounding of his blood in ears, pounding around his body with the fiery rage in his body. Slumping to the floor, he buried his head in his arms and breathed rapid, harsh, painful breaths as tried to clear his head and attempt to stop the river of oncoming tears.

“Jay,” The pain hurt so bad but she wanted him. Why wasn’t he there? Jail, that was it. She sighed heavily and the tears began to fall. “Hey, miha, don’t cry,” Rico’s kind voice was to her left. So who was to the right? “Hey lil mama, don’t worry, we got chu!” Devaughn’s voice was thick with emotion? sleep? She couldn’t think straight. “It hurts!” She said trying to breathe gently. She had been grazed twice with two separate bullets but had fallen down some steps by the dance floor and had fallen into her glass so pieces of glass had been picked out of her flesh. She could still feel the prickles of the shards as she lay under the warm hospital blankets. “What happened?” She wished she could see their faces. For over twenty years of her life she’d never seen a thing but now she was lying here wishing with all her heart she could. She hadn’t had that feeling since the sight had left her after the last surgery back in England but now she wished she could see Devaughn and Rico’s faces. She knew it was bad. “Not here, chicita,” Rico said gently. “Hablaremos m`as adelante.” She nodded and sunk into the pillows breathing calmer as the morphine kicked in. “Does JC know?” She asked as quiet as she could. There was an awkward shuffling from Devaughn’s chair and her face hardened demanding an answer. “What is it?” She said firmly as Rico cleared his throat and then hesitated. “Yes, he knows,” Rico said gently. She nodded approvingly. “You think that is a good idea?” Rico’s eyebrows shot up and Devaughn shrank back into his chair, shame on his cheeks even though the girl between them couldn’t see. “Yeah, even though it will be driving him nuts he would have been pissed if no one had told him, Rico.” She said and closed her eyes, feeling sleep overcome her. The men stood and left knowing that they would be OK. She’d confirmed their safety against the wrath of JC.

The three boys who had caused mayhem at Club Fever were all lay, tied to by shackles to the wall. The room was dim and had the feeling of a place that hadn’t been lived in for a long time. All their mouths were gagged and their eyes taped as though they were being prepared for the electric chair. The chair may have been a nicer and kinder option than what Jay Carter’s boys had planned for them.

A door opened and all of them listened intently. Then gunshots but none of them hit the three lying on the ground. Panic struck them all and one even wet himself in fear. Many male voices were laughing now as though they were in a circus act and what they were doing was the funniest piece of entertainment they had ever seen. “so, the little boys are scared?” One asked in a jovial sneer. “How you think Caitlin felt when those shots were ringing out? She couldn’t see them coming and was hurt pretty bad because of you assholes. So they don’t like a taste of their own medicine boys?” The man’s voice was mocking and nasty as he lit a lighter. “Yall ready to show these fucks what happens when you not only mess with Jay Carter’s club, his homies but his girl?” There was a rumble of compliance and the middle boy, only seventeen had his gag ripped off. “Before you scream,” a deep, husky voice growled in his ear. “Know I got a 9 Mil pointed at your stupid skull. So tell us, Battle set this up, Why?” The boy shook with fear as he felt the cool metal of the gun’s muzzle press into his temple. He knew they’d kill him if he kept quiet, would most likely kill him if he told them everything but there had to be a glimmer of hope, right? “He wants the girl. Said we had to scare her so bad she’d leave JC.” his voice shook so badly he couldn’t recognise it as his own. Not seeing the man’s facial expression was scaring the hell out of him. How would he know if he was angry or pleased with the info he gave? “Where is he hanging these days?” The man growled again. “Santos and lime,” The boy squeaked as hot wax or ash fell onto his skin. “Please don’t kill me.” “Oh, I won’t,” the guy stood. “Let’s go!” he ordered as someone gagged the boy and they were all left alone again to stew. They weren’t going to die, though right?

The door to his cell rolled back as Jay woke. The light was blinding and he stared at the police officer. “Your club was attacked last night, Mr Carter,” he said with a grin on his face. jay nodded. “Oh, of course! Your army of faithful followers would have informed you already. I’m on the way to speak to your manager to see if she can shed any light on this and don’t worry, we’ll ask her a few questions about the night Miss Dangles was released from her capture.” Jay kept his concentration on his breathing. He knew if he didn’t he would kill the smug asshole in his LAPD suit. He merely nodded and lay on his bed as the officer walked out with a cocky air to his stride. Sighing heavily, he hoped she was OK.

“Miss Dawson?” A voice spoke from the doorway as she checked her emails and messages on the iPhone Jay had got her. She turned her head to the voice and waited expectantly. “I’m officer Randal, I’d like to speak to you about your boss.” “You better sit down, then officer,” She smiled sweetly at him. “What do you want to know?” “Well, he’s being questioned for the abduction and GBH of a friend of yours, Alexia Daniels?” She nodded and raised her hand to stop him continuing. “Former friend, Mr Randal,” She interjected with an air of helpfulness that he smiled about. “You have had a falling out with Miss Daniels?” He asked, raising an eyebrow.

“She almost killed my guide dog, sir, and set my home on fire, so yes, she’s a former friend.” He looked shocked. Miss Daniels hadn’t mentioned this, although Jay Carter had. He’d thought he’d been lying. “The club was attacked last night?” He half asked and half stated. scratching away on his pad, he wasn’t sure he wanted to unravel what was really going on here. “Yes Mr Randal. We were attacked.” She answered placing her phone on the bedside table and lying back looking as relaxed as a puppy having its tummy rubbed. “Any idea why?” He asked knowing this girl was telling him the truth or in the very least, lying like a pro. “It’s a gang populated area, Mr Randal. People don’t always get along and so blowing up a joint is a great way to make someone go out of business.” She answered frankly and he jotted another note down. “I thought we were discussing Alexia and that night, not last night, Mr Randal?” “I’m trying to get a fully picture, Miss Dawson,” He replied quietly. “The night of the club’s launch, anything unusual happen in regard to your employer?” “No sir,” she smiled sweetly again. “He arrived around six-thirty, we had some food and drinks before the club opened and he was by my side all night.” “When did you leave him?” He asked scribbling away, feeling a little uncertain about things. “I didn’t. We live together. After closing, we walked home, you can check our CCTV system. He’ll be on it from around the 6:30 mark. We have cameras above the main entrance and staff entry ways. Feel free to check them. And we took my friend Emily with us. went to bed, and he was with me until I came into work the next morning.” “Were you sleeping? would you know if he left you?” “Sure, I would know. We didn’t sleep until 3:30 and it was 4 AM when Malakai came to tell us what Lexie had said Jay had done.” “But miss Dawson, for that 30 minutes, you were asleep? Where was Mr Carter?” His voice was tense. “In bed with me Mr Randal,” She replied so sweetly he felt like vomiting. “You’re the girlfriend too?” He hadn’t known this gem of fact either. She nodded and he sighed. “So I’ll let Malakai know you’re coming by the club to check out our CCTV, shall I?” Her smile was bright and he stood, ready to leave. “Thank you, Miss Dawson.” And with one swift stride he had left the room. She smiled gently and drifted into sleep.

“Hey,” he heard someone yelling as he stirred from behind his sleepy eyebrows. “Oy, get up!”

“What is it?” Jay stood and rubbed his eyes free from sleep. “you can go.” the cocky bastard who had been in earlier said and opened the cell door wide enough for him to leave. “Good,” Jay walked and walked and didn’t stop until he reached the desk, signed all the paperwork, got his stuff back and continued walking feeling the anger build. He would get them, the whole fucking lot of them!

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