What a Week!

To be perfectly honest, I was dreading this week. It was safe to say I imagined it to be stressful, emotional and quite honestly horrible. I didn’t want it to be horrible, I knew emotional would be on the cards, understandably as I was going to a funeral on Tuesday. After the funeral a friend was due to stay and I wasn’t sure how this would go.

The funeral went as well as can be expected. Many stories were told, tears shed and she had a good send off. I think we were all there for my friend. Still cannot believe her mum’s gone. Life can suck so badly sometimes!

I got home and hung out with my friend Chantelle, who came up as we were going to see the Usher concert on the Wednesday night. It was so much fun hanging out with her. Glad she came up. 🙂

Usher! Well, what can a girl say? he was effing amazing. I loved the show and I am so glad I went. 🙂

So yesterday we chilled out and today I took her to the train station, had lunch and a coffee at StarBucks and then came home.

Mum told me Rihanna tickets were on sale and so I called the M.E.N. Arena to see if any tickets were left and they were. I was so excited, so booked those. I’m so going to be broke in the next few weeks. Mum’s coming with me and so she’s having the ticket as part of her Xmas present. I know, I know, shopping for Xmas presents in January but it had to be done.

Oh, Wednesday night at the Hard Rock Cafe, before the concert, I have to say I know I’m back on the playa status as I was so checking out and flirting a little with the server. The cocktails weren’t bad either. 🙂

So besides the sadness of Tuesday, it’s been a relatively awesome week. 🙂

Anyway, just thought I’d update.

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