Sad, can’t sleep but what a bloody good Book

So I went to bed earlier with the full intention of doing a little reading and then dropping off for some well deserved sleep as I have an early and probably highly emotional day. No one enjoys funerals, it is true but you have to do them and I wouldn’t be anywhere else but with my friend on this sad day.

However, as most of my well laid plans, sleep early didn’t happen. For the oddest reason for the past few weeks I’ve been sleeping absolutely loads, except the past few nights. No, now when I really want to sleep I’m having around five or six hours but when you have to be up early and out all day this is not the best option. So, here I am. Awake at gone 2:30 AM when my iPhone alarm is due to awake me at 7:30. Ugh.

That issue aside, because I’ve gone on less sleep than this before and survived, I have also had a lot of books I’ve bought sitting in my iBooks bookshelf being, yes, gasp please, unread. So Saturday night I decided to read one. Or maybe it was last night, my brain is a mush. Anyway, so I was looking through my collection of iBooks on my iPad and was thinking to myself, which to read first. Dear John by Nicholas sparks is still sitting there but romance was not what I was after. I’ve been in a flirty mood all week and sadly, no one to flirt with lol so Sparks was out. I knew I had two Jackie Collins books sitting there, just screaming for me to read them but as much as the trials and tribulations of Hollywood starlets fascinates me, I wanted to read something new. Well, a new author. So i read I heart Hollywood. I’d bought this book a while ago after I was bored and searched for books with Hollywood/California in the title and i discovered it by accident. Although it presented me with scandal, a glimpse into the place I love known as LA is always a good read for me. So I had bought it and goodness knows how long it had been sitting there in my iBooks app. Well, that book has kept me company for the past few sleepless nights until I finished it today. Great read, and made me miss LA. I guess that’s why I love writing about the City of Angels, makes me almost imagine I’m there again. Probably why I enjoy reading fiction set there, I can travel around to my heart’s content.

I miss LA and if any of my big dreams ever came true, I’d be out there like a shot. But realistically, that’s not going to happen so I guess my obsession will have to live on in my writing.

Anyway, guess I should go and attempt the sleep thing. Will blog soon.


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