Episode 37

Episode 37 Bad Friday

That week had been tough on Caitlin. The circles under her eyes were tell tale signs something was not quite right in her life. Rose kept watching the girl who she had grown rather fond of with pity. The girl was worrying tremendously about her grandson and Rose knew he would survive. He was her grandson, he had the Carter survival instinct. That had certainly skipped a generation. Her daughter, Tamara, Jay’s mother had been weak. The girl dropped out of high school, pregnant with Jay’s older brother Dante. Dante was in juvi from such a young age, Jay had hardly known him. Rose had had the boy back when he was 16 but only for 2 weeks and he was back inside. Jay had been nine then and started to play Rose up not long after Dante went back to jail. Tamara had dumped Jay and his older sister Leah, who was two years older than Jay on their grandmother when Jay was three and Leah five. She’d died of a drug overdose a year later. Dante had been living with his father for most of his childhood, and that was where Rose knew he’d picked up his steeling, cheating and lying ways. “The apple never falls far from the tree” Rose had always said. Tamara was one of her four children and the second most disappointment. Her biggest, was her son, Matthew. he was currently serving in Sanquentum for rape, triple murder and if they injected the asshole, Rose would watch on. She loved her baby, he was her first born but she detested what he had done. Tamara was her youngest and in between were Dishaun and Leila. Leila lived in a nice neighbourhood in carson nearby with her husband who was a truck driver and Leila was a nurse at the LA Medical Centre while her son Dishaun lived in Chicago with his wife and two daughters. She missed Dishaun, he had done well for himself and it had broken her heart when he had packed up and left for at Illinois to go to college on a basketball scholarship. He’d never made it to the big time as he’d suffered an injury and so had qualified as a physiotherapist. Leila was raising her son Demarkus and her daughter Rosalee who were older than Jay.

She had been more than happy to take in her granddaughter and grandson but had been saddened to see Jay grow into something she feared would eventually allow him to be taken from her. She’d waited for this day ever since the first night he’d come home from school being suspended for beating up another boy. She knew he had needed a man’s firm hand and her husband had tried but Jay had gone past the point of no return. His sister Leah had gone to live with her aunt at eleven when Dante had been sent to jail for raping her. Rose had felt so guilty for taking that damaged child in but she’d had no choice. Sighing heavily, she wondered if Dante had never come back into her granddaughter and grandson’s lives, would Jay be the bad penny he was and in jail now, and would Leah be in and out of the doctor’s office with scripts for her depression. Shrugging and turning back to watch the beautiful, blond, angel who had almost rescued her grandson. She was currently playing with her oatmeal and oblivious to everything around her.

“Caitlin, honey? Want me to cook dinner tonight?” her eyes were sad and she’d heard the pretty thing before her cry for the past week since he’d been gone. She had turned into a robot, dealing with the club and taking care of her dog but other than that the life had gone from the girl’s eyes. “Hmm?” she queried lifting her head. “Dinner?” Rose repeated sadly wiping her hands on her blue apron. “Oh, I can’t Rose, it’s Friday night. Got a big thing on, you be OK?” She washed her dish as she spoke with pure kindness to Rose. “You don’t have to take care of me, sweetie,” Rose reassured the girl but the smile on the young woman’s face said it all. “If I didn’t, he’d be mad at me,” She hugged Rose and left the kitchen leaving the old woman feeling sad for the young girl.

Breakfast sucked and JC let the guards know his opinion on the matter. He was currently lying on his cot waiting for his stupid lawyer to get there. He better hurry up because sleeping on this cold cot with crappy food without his girl to cuddle and no weed on hand was making Jay Carter in the worst mood possible. A guard slid the door open and in walked the flashy lawyer he paid a ridiculous amount of money a month to keep him clean.

“Where you been?” JC sat up, swinging his long legs over the side of the cot and looking mean as a snake that has just been poked. “I’ve been waiting on my ass all fucking night!” “Sorry, Mr Carter,” The white guy flopped into the chair. “I’ve been going through the girl’s statement. She and you have a terrible history if her versions of events are to be believed.” “That bitch is fucking lying. I have a fucking alibi, how the hell am I in here?” He slammed a fist down and his smart lawyer gave him a warning look. Jay breathed heavily, knowing he needed to calm down. “OK, what’s the bitch said?” He growled in a low rumble that no one but the man before him could hear. “She’s said you kidnapped her once before and tied her up and kept her there for a while.” JC sighed heavily. “That true?” “Nah,” He lied expertly. “Look, you ask her friends, she’s turned psycho. She’s framing me because she thinks I’m taking her best friend away from her. When in truth, she’s pushing her away.” The lawyer sighed and nodded. “They wanna talk to you some more,” He stood and a guard walked into handcuff him. JC complied and dreaded this day.

The hospital door opened and Lexie looked up from her tubed cage to see two familiar faces. “Caitlin! Emily!” She called but the girls did not look pleased to see her alive. “Why?” Caitlin choked the word out as she approached. “Why did you set the house on fire?” “What? I didn’t?” “Don’t lie Alexia,” Emily looked at breaking point. her eyes deep with sadness and ultimate disappointment. She was slouched and held onto the blond girl’s arm so tightly. “The fire investigator’s found the canister. They tested it. Found your fingerprints.” “You, could, have, killed her!’ Caitlin spat with such venom, Emily tightened her hold on the girl’s arm again. she was trembling with anger. Emily understood but she couldn’t let Caitlin hurt Alexia. “I’m, I’m sorry.” Lexie wailed. “I didn’t know she was home!’ “Liar!” Caitlin screamed pulling Emily forward with the strength of her rage. “You must have! Her harness and leash were hanging!” “I was so angry!” Lexie was sobbing both with fear and sorrow now. her green eyes swimming in floods of tears. her face white and pinched and hurt evident in her eyes. “I was angry with you both for leaving me!” “Leaving you? How the fuck did we leave you?” Caitlin yelled. “Because we got lives, Alexia?” Emily felt her own anger building now. It was threatening to erupt like a volcano. “Because I lost my baby! Because Caitlin has a job and a boyfriend? Is that how we left you? You selfish, egotistical bitch?” Emily couldn’t see for the tears falling like rapids down her cheeks. She was shaking with emotion as much as Caitlin and in a split second she’d let go and Caitlin dived for the sick girl. “You ever!” She gripped Lexie’s neck so tight Lexie thought she’d break it. “You ever come near me again and I swear, I’ll kill you. Forget JC, forget how you’ve stitched him up for something he hasn’t done, you come near me again and I will kill you! You evil, selfish, bitch!” “How do you know, he didn’t do this? he did it before?” Lexie tried desperately, despite the grip of her former friend’s hands on her throat, to reason with her. And Lexie knew now, she was a former friend. There was no going back from this. “I know, because he loves me more. He didn’t do this!” She enunciated every word. “It was someone else. You pissed off someone else. I told you this would happen. And now Alexia, it has. And you are alone, because as of today, we’re done!” And she let go and walked to the door. The door clicked and Lexie stared at Emily for a speckle of hope but Emily didn’t even look at her as she turned to leave. “Emily?” Lexie sobbed but soon she was alone with the sounds of her room and her heart was empty at last.

The club was slowly filling up with punters and the bar was beginning to get busy with clinking of glasses and the cash register pinging. Caitlin walked into her office, using her cane. She wouldn’t bring Callie at night time as she got a ride to and from work. callie was much happier laying on the rug keeping Rose company than being subjected to the noise of the club. She slammed the door as she stomped into the office. “You OK?” Malakai’s soft tones came from the computer chair. “Yeah! I lost my temper today and didn’t mean too. But Damn, that bitch had it coming!” “So why you angry?” His kind eyes watched her as a brother would. “Because, I hate this. I hate who I’m becoming! Violent? Revengeful? And I wanna hate JC for making me this way but I’ve seen how this world is now, not from behind my rose coloured spectacles and I know sometimes, you gotta go to the extreme with some people. I threatened her in a way I’ve never done before. I was like, this crazy woman. Malakai, what’s happening to me?” Her throat was thick with emotion and her eyes brimming with tears. “Hey,” He stood and walked to her. “Nothing’s happening to you. You’re angry, scared and it’s understandable. You love JC, you love your dog. She almost took one away from you and is hell bent on taking your man. Caitlin, honey, it’s OK to be angry.” He wrapped brotherly arms around her as she sobbed. “she was my friend!” She sighed heavily and allowed the emotion to break free of her. She knew that was why she was angry, not because of her own actions but because it had come to this. She had to let go of a friendship and it ripped her heart out. That was why she felt so much rage. And she missed JC; needed him there with her. But he was still being questioned by the cops. She pulled herself free from the embrace and smiled up into their quiet, kind and thoughtful friend’s face. “Thank you, Malakai. It’s good to know I got you guys around me.” And he nodded as she wiped her eyes and went to meet with her public.

Rico and Mikey were talking at the bar. Rico’s heavy set shoulders, his short, stocky frame and his ability to intimidate anyone was what had got him the job of head of security. He had known Jay Carter from their Freshman year at high school and he had helped JC when three other kids had tried to jump him for his sneakers. Rico’s older brother Gabriel had taught him to street fight since he was eight and the skills that boy had were outstanding. From that day on, even though his ethnicity meant he couldn’t be a blood, Rico was in JC’s gang. He had the other’s back as JC had done for him year upon year. And now he would watch out for anything happening and keep an eye on his family for him. B-Dog had done all that but with him being dead, Rico knew it was down to the twins, devaughn and him to watch out for JC now. He spied a fight breaking out and checked to ensure some of his boys were on it, they were and he smiled as he saw Caitlin chatting to a few regular punters and then he saw a flash of metal, and the gunfire began. People screamed, stampeded over everyone to escape the firing guns. There were three guns, he knew there had to be. One was from by the DJ booth, one from the VIP section and the other from nearby. He grabbed the masked gunman and wrestled the gun from his hand. “Mikey, get Caitlin!” He growled through gritted teeth and Mikey leapt over the bar and pushed his way through the carnage to find the blond girl. “Who you working for?” Rico spat into the kid’s face. He must have only been fifteen or sixteen. “Please, man!” The kid sprouted a damp patch around his groin as Rico held his AK47 to the kids temple. “Who?” Rico yelled, knowing the other gunmen must have been detained because he could only hear screams and cries and breaking glass now. “Please man! It was Battle! He made us!” Rico’s eyes opened wide as Nate and Malakai showed up with the other two. Rico stared. “Where is she?” “Who?” Nate asked but he saw her then, covered in blood and being held up in Devaughn’s arms. He was crying. “No!” Rico threw the kid he’d been holding and ran to her. “No, she’s not!” He looked at the still girl. Her chest was rising and falling but the blood? “Caitlin!” He shook her but Devaughn shook his head as the police ran through the main doors, Rico knew, he, Nate and Malakai dragged the gunmen down the back stairs and into the back parking lot. Pushing the three boys into the esculade, Rico prayed beyond all hope Caitlin was not going to die, because if she did, fuck! That wasn’t worth thinking about.

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