Episode 36

Episode 36 Dangerous Talk

“Jay Carter,” she whispered to the tall man with the kind face standing above her. “Jay Carter did this!” Her eyes flickered in and out of focus, every muscle in her body screamed as the sirens came louder and louder in her pounding head. “Shh!” The man crouched beside her now, shielding her eyes from the lights and the oncoming flashes of blue. “Shh, the paramedics will be here soon. Don’t worry. What’s your name, sweetie?” “Lexie,” She mustered. “Jay Carter did this!” She whimpered as a door opened nearby. “What’s your last name?” the man’s husky voice was urgent. “Daniels. Alexia Daniels,” The sting of tears told Lexie she was crying and the swelling in her throat threatened to suffocate her. “Please tell them!” Her eyes closed and she heard mumbling then quiet and welcomed darkness.

The banging on the door was what awoke Caitlin. Stretching her legs, she felt JC spring out of bed and cock the gun he always kept under his pillow. His tall frame was silhouetted in the doorway by the street light outside. She only knew where he was by the sound of his heavy, fearful breathing. “Who’s that?” rose carter’s worn voice called. “I got it big mama,” JC said in a sleep encrusted tone. He turned to look at Caitlin who had a hand on Callie’s collar. The small labrador was barking it up a storm. “Stay here, no matter what!” He commanded and she nodded as he closed the bedroom door and ran down the stairs. She could hear muffled voices but no sense reached her behind the closed door. “It’s OK, Callie-cals,” She stroked her small friend who was growling protectively. A moment later, she heard JC creep back up the stairs and open the door wearily. “What is it?” her heart thudded in her chest, afraid of what he would say. She couldn’t see the look in his eyes but felt his warm touch as he sat beside her. “My boy just came to tell me that Lexie has been found. She’s badly beaten and is in a real state. He also tells me she is saying I did that shit to her,” His voice was etched with annoyance but he spoke calmly. “What?” Caitlin’s ocean eyes opened widely as he told her this horrible news. “But, she’s not been around since the night of the fire. I have no idea where she’s been. And you? Hurt her? Why?” Caitlin’s disbelief, both her words and her eyes reassured him. He knew he hadn’t done anything to Alexia, but he also knew that he instigated what happened. Did he feel guilty? No! He was glad that bitch had got what was coming to her. The only problem now was refuting her accusations. The cops would love this. “She was found tonight?” Caitlin had been thinking. There was no way JC could have done this to Alexia, he’d been with her all night. “Where was she found?” “Yeah she was found tonight,” He rested his elbows on his thick, athletic thighs that were bear still. The muscles rippling in them as he flexed them subconsciously. “She was found on willow, by the dump.” He told her quietly. “That’s a really visible place. She couldn’t have been there long,” Caitlin was thinking out loud unlike her brooding boyfriend who knew exactly when Alexia had been dumped and he had an alibi, but would that matter? With the police, he highly doubted it and with that treacherous bitch’s mind, he was sure she’d have him charged with GBH. He couldn’t run, that would risk Caitlin thinking he was guilty so he knew, in his heart that he had to sit back and wait for the popo to come knocking on his door.

The whiteness and cleanliness of the hospital was a welcomed yet painful sight to Lexie. She’d been out cold for what seemed to be minutes. It had in fact been days since she had been found. She’d had surgery and had had her spleen removed, repair of internal tissues and was suffering from malnutrition and dehydration. There were so many beeps and sounds in the room, she was shocked she kept falling in and out of sleep. The nurses would check on her and yet all she wanted was to tell the police the perpetrators name. No one would bring the police to her. A small, petite, mousy brunette nurse kept telling her she was too weak. Lexie did not want to hear that crap. Jay Carter was still out there and she wanted him punished. he just had to be behind all of this. Didn’t he?

The club was booming! caitlin had been into the office and chatted with Malakai, mainly about the finances but also about what had happened when he had found Alexia. “She didn’t even seem to be worried about giving the paramedics her details. Just kept saying, Jay carter did this,” Malakai’s brownie coloured eyes were filled with concern as he told the pretty blonde about how he’d found her friend. Malakai knew she was lying. he knew Jay Carter better than that. And he knew that leaving a bitch out in the street after apparently torturing her was not his style. he would have killed her, not left her capable of telling the popo he’d done it. And Malakai also knew the love Jc had for the pretty girl sitting in the office before him. He knew he wouldn’t risk anything to hurt her or make her hate him. She wasn’t from their world and that level of violence would not have been appreciated by her, despite what her so called friend had done. She would rather forget the crazy redhead existed than see her hurt physically as she had been. So Malakai knew that JC wasn’t responsible directly for the girl’s injuries. He did realise that after knowing JC for all these years, that what Alexia had done to caitlin, her home and her precious four legged friend, that he couldn’t let it go without retribution. He also had an idea that there were people out there who would have only needed to be told about the situation and then they would take the shit on themselves. Malakai shrugged, coming back from his reverie. “But yeah, she didn’t seem totally out of it, if you know what I mean?” Caitlin nodded. “She’s been a little off for a while now. I just hope the cops don’t believe her. I know JC wouldn’t have done this.” Her belief in him told Malakai how much of a faithful woman she was and he smiled to himself. She was like his Akeisha.

“Hey!” Emily called as she walked out into the sunlit garden of the small house in Compton. The afternoons were still warm despite it being November. But this was southern california. Her best friend was sitting at a small table drinking iced tea as her little blonde companion lay, snoozing in the dried grass. Emily had only been to this house once before and she couldn’t remember entering it. All she did remember was waking up with the smell of fresh coffee in her nose, on an old lumpy couch with a bowl at the side of her. A soft, lovely voice was humming in the kitchen and she glanced around for signs of her best friend. The home had felt inviting, as it did today, but she was a little unsure still until she heard paws running down the stairs followed by sleepy footsteps. “Hey, Em,” Caitlin looked up with a worried look on her pretty face. “They found Alexia.” She blurted as Emily came to sit by her at the small, plastic table. “What? Where?” Emily stared at her worried friend and knew something was amiss. “Found? She was lost?” “She’s been beaten and apparently kept underground for days.” Caitlin twirled the iced tea glass on her finger mindlessly as she spoke. “The worst thing, she’s accusing JC of doing it to her.” “What?” Emily looked astonished but a small part of her reminded her that JC was a powerful gangster and he was still capable of this kind of thing. “Caitlin, don’t you…” she began in a “now-let’s-be-realistic-here” tone. “I’m not saying he isn’t capable, Emily. But I know he didn’t do this. For one, she was found the night we had the launch party. he was there all night. so were all his crew. Don’t you think, if he had done this, he wouldn’t have trusted someone not close to him to do this? To drop her off in a very visible place? And what’s more, if he had had Alexia, she wouldn’t be alive to tell.” The shiver that ran down Emily’s spine as her best friend admitted her boyfriend was capable of murder and she knew this scared her more than anything ever had in her life. “And you’re still with him!” It was a statement. Emily didn’t question how Caitlin felt about JC. She knew not to and could see the love between them so it seemed a futile act. “Yeah,” Caitlin sighed. “Emily we can’t help who we fall in love with.” And looking into her friend’s blinded eyes, Emily knew Caitlin saw the world clearer than most women ever would. “So why would she accuse him?” Emily was still trying to make sense of all of this. “Because she hates him,” Caitlin laughed gently as though Emily had missed the simplest math problem in first grade. “She’s been out to get him for so long. I’m surprised she didn’t blame the fire on him.” “yeah, I know,” Emily sighed sadly and watched four little birds fighting over some bread. That was her, Kira, Caitlin and Lexie six months ago. What had happened? Four little friends, fighting to stay alive. One gone, one gone in the head, another living on the edge and Emily. Who had been torn apart so much she was uncertain if she’d ever live a carefree life again.

Jay was standing with rico by Rico’s old truck talking about some business dealings when he saw the police car pull up. He knew they wanted to talk to him. “Can we help you, officers?” he stomped on his cigarette with the heel of his boot, grounding it into the ground like he’d love to do to their heads. “Are you Jay Carter?” the tall, white officer with a terribly fake toupee asked. “yes, sir,” He answered politely, knowing that insolence would not help him now. “Would you come down to the precinct with us to have a chat?” The smaller, Latino cop said in as fake as polite tone as JC was using. “About what? the Lakers are playing good, or you boys baseball or NFL guys?” “Don’t be smart, asshole,” The white cop sneered at him and JC hated that. Rico shot him a glance but he clenched his teeth aggressively. “Let’s stop fucking around, shall we boys, what the fuck you wanna chat to me about?” He spat the word “chat” and the latino reached for his firearm. “Oh put that shit away man, just tell me what you want, then I’ll go.” “About grievously assaulting a Miss Alexia Daniels.” The tall cop said. “But you knew that, didn’t you, boy?” He stuck a stubby finger at JC and he wanted to bite the fucker off. He’d seen the look on JC’s face. But JC laughed. “Of course I knew,” JC was leaning on the truck now. Slipping his weed and gun out of his back pocket, dropping them quietly onto the pillows they’d placed on the bed of the truck. He was tall enough that he could almost sit without jumping up onto the bed and he knew Nate was lying in the bed, ready to hide all the shit he dropped from his pockets. The cops were so intent of his face, they didn’t look anywhere else. “Come on guys, you know the dude who found her is one of my boys, so he obviously gave the heads up that she was spouting that shit about me.” He kept his eyes on them, calm as the ocean on a cloudless, still day. “So of course, i knew. Alright,” He leaned forward and walked toward the cruiser calmly. “Let’s go for our chat. Oh and Rico,” he turned back to his best friend. “Let Caitlin know where I am and to keep dinner warm for me.” He smiled and they nodded and both saluted the other as JC got into the back of the car.

Rico was sitting on the porch when Caitlin walked up with a panting Callie. The day was hot, in the mid eighties and there was a rain storm coming so it was humid to boot. Caitlin knew he was there, his trademark smell of cigar smoke alerted her to his presence. “What happened?” She unlocked the door and let him in. Rose was at her church, doing flower arranging so Caitlin knew something had happened with Jc. “Cops came and he went for a chat with them,” Rico emphasised the word chat. She nodded pulling the harness and lead off of the dog’s head who immediately ran to her water bowl. “Alright, thanks dude,” She poured some orange juice and offered him some. “You’ll be there, right, tonight?” “Of course,” Rico laughed as he sipped the cold juice. “he’d kill me if I wasn’t. Caitlin, he’s gonna be fine.” “I wish I was as certain about that as you are,” She said refilling her glass. “Rico, Lexie’s not the girl I used to know. She’s vindictive and would probably sell her dad out if it meant she got one up on him. We all know JC didn’t do this.” Rico remained quiet. “don’t we?” She turned suddenly, an accusing look on her soft face. “He didn’t do it,” Rico reiterated. “But?” Caitlin was on him verbally now. “There’s a but, rico!” “I don’t know,” Rico stuttered, he couldn’t lie to this girl. “maybe he said something, to someone.” “What, like, told someone to do this? Out of his circle? Isn’t that dangerous? A risk of exposure?” “Not told them to do it,” Rico said exasperatedly. He stared around the kitchen that was losing it’s afternoon sunlight and avoided looking into her ocean eyes. It was like she had a power over him to tell her the truth. “Then what, Rico?” She emphasised every syllable. She felt the anger build in her chest as she was desperate for answers from him. “Think about it, caitlin?” His voice was high now. She was smarter than this. “I have, Rico,” she gripped the table. “I know what has probably happened. He’s told someone what she did, and they probably know me, and know Callie and went on their initiative and did what they did. But that won’t help him, will it?” she stared blankly at him. She’d got it. He knew she was smart. “I don’t know, Caitlin, None of us know. But he seems confident, so we have to be. Because the fact is, once they talked to him, they’ll wanna talk to you.” She nodded and knew she had to be strong. She’d had that chance to walk away from all of this, but that chance had passed. She was in love with Jay Carter and walking away was not an option any more.

As the door closed on him, the anger that boiled guaranteed Lexie’s death. That bitch would not get away with this. He sat on the cold, hard mattress and listened to the echoes of other men’s plight and would ensure that everyone responsible for this shit would be dealt with, whether he served time or he didn’t. Rubbing his hands across his face, he pictured the beauty, that was his girlfriend and prayed she remained protected; because if she died, the bitches and niggas responsible would die so slowly they’d wish for the devil to come and take them on hot, fiery, slays to hell!

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