Episode 35

Episode 35 Drunken Nights

The music thudded in the misty, semi-darkness of the club. Caitlin found her arms wrapped tightly around her tall, muscular, boyfriend’s neck as his lips caressed her neck seductively. “I shouldn’t,” She whispered huskily as she pulled away, looking up into his light brown eyes with a sensual smile playing across her soft pink lips. JC felt a predatorily growl erupt from his chest as he kissed her seductively and pulled her to him again. “Why not?” His tones were raspy and filled with sexual tension that she felt erupt inside of her as his thick lips began a dance her’s were memorizing every step to each day. “Because I’m working,” She giggled, feeling the affects of the alcohol swoon her body. “If this is you working, Miss Dawson,: he laughed his bear like laugh. “Then I definitely do not know how this club got off of the ground.” They both laughed heartily. “On the real,” She made an effort to pull away from him now and despite her swaying, the look on her face demanded his ultimate attention. “I am going to have a mingle. See how our special guests are enjoying themselves. Are you coming, Mr Carter?” He kissed her cheek with respect filling his heart as he took her hand and they strolled across the VIP section, glasses clinking and the booming beat filling their ears. Women stared respectfully at JC and admired Caitlin or hated her beauty, while the men gawked with lust in their eyes at the beautiful blond and feared from the tall, intimidating presence of JC. “Mr Ellis,” JC greeted a short, black man who had been leering at Caitlin all night. He stared at her blatantly now and Caitlin felt a creepiness stalk up her spine. “This is my girlfriend and manager, Caitlin Dawson.” She smiled proudly knowing full well what JC was doing. He was warning this creep off. “Nice to meet you, Miss Dawson,” The Ellis guy was a banker and had rolled some loans JC’s way so she knew she had to be cordial. “You too, sir,” she shook his hand and refrained from cringing at the cold, sweaty palm that met her own. It felt as though an eel had flopped into her grasp and she resisted the urge to be sick. “If you ever need a hand with the books, I’d be more than…” Ellis started but JC interrupted harshly. “We have our own accountant, thank you for the offer though, sir.” He added reluctantly and ushered Caitlin away to speak to a guy who had a studio in the CPT. Caitlin found him slightly more interesting but she was quickly learning that being on JC’s arm meant she was no longer just a pretty girl but a must have commodity. The truth was, she kind of liked it. But she also knew, she loved JC and had only her heart set on him. And besides all of that, JC would kill anyone before he let them put hands on his precious Caitlin. Being on his arm tonight wasn’t just showing solidarity for the club, but for their relationship in the streets. She respected him for that. And the pride that filled her threatened to overflow into her eyes. She took a drink and leaned up to kiss him. His response was welcomed and Emily laughed from behind them. “Every time I’ve seen you two tonight, you’ve had your tongues down each other’s throats,” She laughed drunkenly and playfully. “You clearly have not been watching a lot then,” JC joked back and she came to stand with them. The club was still bumping and Caitlin felt alive as she ran off to dance with her best friend.

The room was dank, and colder than she’d ever known any place on earth to be. Surely this was hell? She’d been killed and this was hell? But how could it be? Hell was hot, right? And then what were those scratching noises? She kept hearing them. But the light had gone! Had she become blinded? Had they taken her sight? Were her legs still there even? They were numb! Maybe even broken? Confused fog lay over her senses and then a click. A single squeak as though a door had been opened. Did hell have doors? Air flew over her face and she felt as though she was flying. She was dead. She’d soon be seeing her mother again. And then the pain hit!

The office was crammed with select staff members as JC popped the second bottle of iced crystal. Caitlin sat in her chair smiling and chatting. Emily was on one side and he stood protectively on the other. His boys were sitting on the floor and couches and tables as they drank to the success. They had locked the money in the safe, closed the doors for the night and were smoking out and drinking as much as they could. The atmosphere was amazing and everyone was having fun. Rico was beat boxing, while Mikey was rapping, quite terribly for the girls who were laughing so hard. JC smiled as he watched on, noting the glow was alive in both his girlfriend’s and Emily’s faces now. He pulled his iPhone from his pocket and text Cory. They’d never been tight and probably never would but they’d organized this trip for Emily. “She’s doing great, man. Having fun. I think u were right. It’s what she needed”. He text to cory and smiled at the room at large as a text breezed through to his phone. Caitlin heard the alert and turned her head for a second and then back to Rico’s mariachi singing as she roared into laughter. It wasn’t from Cory at all. Jc’s frown knitted together in frustration as he saw the sender and tapped to open the message. He wasn’t going to like this. He knew. “This bitch is hard to fucking kill. Gonna dump her at hospital. Just warnin u in case she tries to frame ur ass.” JC felt anger build inside of him as he deleted the message. Why the hell were they telling him they hadn’t killed her? He didn’t give a fuck. As long as she didn’t bother Caitlin again. He didn’t give a crap. “Baby?” Her soft tones that seemed so out of place in the noisy office came to him clearly. “You OK?” She reached for his hand and he crouched and leaned back on his heels, lighting a blunt. “I’m here with you, ma, of course I’m good.” He kissed her and then took a long drag on the earthy, sweet, smelling smoke. She smiled and then went to partake in a drinking game with the guys. He walked outside to the VIP terrace. Looking out over the city that he’d grown up in, he couldn’t believe he owned this building and had such a beautiful woman by his side. So why did he feel like he was sitting on a time bomb? His insides wrenched with anxiety as he looked into the light polluted, starry sky. Exhaling deeply and hearing the laughter from within, he felt like he was standing on a precipice and only one push would knock him over the edge. And why? He was a good, no a great business man. All his shit was straight so why did he feel this way? His dead best friend’s voice echoed in his ear, “Because you on top, niggas want your shit homie. Get out while you can.” But he couldn’t. Not yet. But how long would it be before that window of opportunity was gone for good?

“I drink, I drink!” Emily was yelling at the top of her lungs. Yet from her own, drunken ears, she didn’t think she was shouting at all. Caitlin was crying tears of laughter beside her as she downed yet another shot. This time, it wasn’t about finding the abyss of nothingness, this was about having fun. She almost grasped that concept as she handed the shot back to Richard who was pouring healthy shots of Patr`on into the small shot glasses. Rico took another and downed it quickly. “Oi, it wasn’t your turn!” emily cajoled him drunkenly, sitting beside Caitlin and resting her head on the blonde’s shoulder. “You’re drunk, girl!” Caitlin giggled, her long sheet of blonde hair flying everywhere as she leaned to hug her best friend. “Hey, Richard, another glass of the river gold, if you don’t mind?” “River gold?” Emily’s eyebrows shot up with surprise and her eyes widened with drunken curiosity. “What’s that?” She giggled excitedly as she sat up straight, like a child waiting for the most anticipated surprise of their lives. “Crystal, silly!” Caitlin stood, wobbling as she went toward the door. Bumping into devaughn, as she went. He was a jovial, big guy with happy eyes and a clown like grin. Always in a happy mood, even when the chips were down. She’d barely met him a few times in passing but he was on staff now and she had come to love him like her big brother. “Steady on, lil mama,” He hugged her tight as she passed him. Any other guy was to ever touch her in more than an accidental brush would have been hurt severely, but not Devaughn. JC trusted him. And the fact he was gay probably helped his case a whole lot. “I love you, man!” Caitlin said giving the big old teddy bear of a man the biggest hug she could muster. “You too, lil mama,” He laughed as he smiled across the room at his employer and friend who was laughing at his girlfriend’s public displays of affection toward devaughn. “Where you off to anyway, Miss Caitlin?” Devaughn’s low, tones inquired with a trace of a laugh in his voice. “Little girl’s room,” She beamed up at him. Her blue eyes rimmed with red from the effects of alcohol and weed smoke. “Ooooh, me too!” Emily squealed, falling off of her chair and laying sprawled on the floor. With one swoop JC picked her up and helped Emily over to Caitlin, who despite being very happy and tipsy, was able to support the brunette relatively well to the bathroom. As the door closed, all the guys laughed with amusement at their female companions. “Those girls are a hoot!” Devaughn drawled as he walked to the leather couch and plopped onto it, dwarfing the right end of its expanse. Rico was lolling on the other end and passing looks between them all another laugh erupted around the office walls. “Fucking pussy,” Mikey pointed at Rico. “Even that Emily chick is more upright than that maricon.” “Hey, watch your mouth,” JC pointed an index finger at Mikey threateningly. “He’s a pussy, but a Maricon, he is not. Right D?” JC and Devaughn passed a secretive and mischievous look as they smoked. “Glad you kicked the hoes out,” another guy piped up. “Those bar hoes are too much, man. Riding every nigga’s dick.” He was short and had a tight set of corn rows that would make you think his brain was stretched to accommodate them. He had a nasty smile and beady eyes. With one look, you’d know not to trust him. His name was Nate. He and his brother Malakai had been in with JC since high school. Nate was a pain in the ass to keep in line but a great fighter so it was only natural he’d be on the doors at JC’s club. Jc’s rule was, look after your own, they’ll have your back. His twin brother, although you would never know they were brothers, was smart and street wise. He was tall, with a huge afro and eyes the color of chocolate brownies. He had a gentle and thoughtful smile with a handsome chiseled look about his features. He was married, the only one out of this bunch with one child, Alessia. He had gone to night school and was on the payroll as the accountant. He was trust worthy, much more than his twin and loyalty meant the world to him. He had left earlier to put his daughter to bed and was now back for the celebration. His wife Akysha, was home in bed as she worked the early morning shift at the hospital as a nurse. So they took child care between them and it seemed to work well. JC had often admired Malakai and Akysha’s relationship, strong and filled with trust and love.

“You’ll get it one day,” Akysha had often told him as they had all grown up together. “Under that gangsta exterior, you’s a good guy, Jay Carter.” And now it seemed he was having that. And as he thought about her, she returned holding Emily upright. “OK, we need to get miss drunkenness home,” She announced smiling. Her hair a little frizzy from the night’s events, her eyes tired and yet still smiling. “She can stay with us,” JC kissed Caitlin’s head. “None of us can drive. So you and her share our room and I’ll crash on the couch.” caitlin smiled affectionately and slowly the party goers started leaving into the night.

“I’ll help you guys home,” Malakai offered as JC locked up. “It’s on my way.” His handsome face was warm with concern and Caitlin linked his arm as JC walked, half carrying the giggling Emily.

The ground was cold. Her body was numb. The orange glow of hell was hurting her eyes. They’d flown with her. Why did they do that? Something was hurting her wrists. It was the only pain she could truly feel. But here was light! Not like the hell of before. Did hell have night and day? Surely not! Why was she in hell anyway? Oh, yes, she’d set the house on fire with an innocent dog in it. She could still hear the whimpers of the golden lab. Tears fell, hot on her cheeks as she remembered the blast, the smoke and then, those guys. They had taken her. But who had they been? His friends? Surely not! But yes, possibly. He hated her! Why did he hate her? Why did everyone hate her, nowadays? She was vile, and a horrible person. Wasn’t she? Or was she? She knew nothing anymore, then more footsteps. Were they going to move her again? Really? Why again? More torture and pain, and cold and dampness? Water. Water was falling from the sky. She was outside! Wait?! She tried to sit up and open her eyes. She couldn’t. ‘Help’ she cried in her head as she lay there.

“Can you hear me?” A male’s voice spoke. “Miss, can you hear me?” Then the male’s voice was talking to someone and she didn’t know who. Then lights and loud noises. Why couldn’t they just let her sleep? And then…

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  1. Seems that it is a little bit of a mystory ending with Emily, great read, probably find out later on in the series They were all having fun.

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