Goodnight Dear Friend, Rest In Peace

As I sit and watch the starry sky, I know you’re looking down on us tonight, Taken to be with the angels dear, We can still think of you near, Although your soul has gone to a better place, We really wished you’d been able to stay, But God had bigger plans for you, He needed an angel today.

And as you leave this earth and fly up high, We know you’re amongst the stars, And wherever we can see the midnight blue, We know you’ll never be far.

So left behind are the ones you loved, The ones who cared so dearly for you, And they’ll be strong because they know, You’ll always be standing by to see them through, Every bad moment and time of need, A warm hand will rest on their shoulder, and when they shed their tears for you, You’ll hug them even closer.

So goodbye dear friend and good luck too, Because you were a joy to know, And although you’ll never be far away, I just want you to know, Here on earth we’ll continue to love, Those ones you left behind, And when we watch the stars at night, We will never say goodbye. It’s farewell for now, And rest in peace, For now you’re home at last, Be the angel we know you can be, And thank you for all the laughs, The joy you gave and love too, And the gifts to the world, you did bring, A mother, a daughter and a sister too, You did all to be asked and gave them everything.

And so you’re an angel with those gone before, And at night we can see your glow, So goodnight dear one and watch on down, You’ll always be treasured and loved.

In memory of Maureen, an angel gone to the stars

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