Travelling, I’m bloody scared

I’ve been to our beloved capital a few times. but all of which were with sighted people. Now I’m off to visit the big smoke with my Bailey and wow, am I scared? I know others who use London will tell me it’ll be OK, I’ll be fine, but London to me seems huge. And I’m excited to see if I will like it but also nervous in case I get lost. So everything’s getting charged up now, iPod and phone and Pad being synced. And after my visit with RNIB, I’m off to visit with my friend for a few days. after the nightmares I’ve had with friendships over the past few months, a few days hanging with someone I care about and who has been there for me through all this crap hopefully will be what I need.
I’ll keep you updated. Of course. lol. will have the mac/iPad/iPhone around so there is no reason not to update you all. Wish me luck and hopefully it will be a success and not a bleeding nightmare like the rest of my life right now.

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