Christmas Update

Well Christmas went well. Was a quiet affair at home with the parentals and yesterday my uncle, sister and nephew came over. So that was cool. Bit of food has been consumed. Not eaten loads, still more than usual but not my body weight in anything really yet lol.

Got some amazing things for Xmas.

Finally got out of the house today. I’ve been going stir crazy and so has the poor puppy dog. But we went to the shop today which was cool. Bought some stuff and now just enjoying my new Jamie Foxx album that I bought on iTunes with my gift cards that I got for Christmas.

Been feeling down a bit recently, gee if you haven’t noticed that by reading this blog then you’re not good at understanding English huh? lol. Still not 100 percent but slowly getting there. Just going to take me time to realise what I’m going to do and how I’m going to do it. Gotta keep going.

My sleeping has been totally way off. Been tired by 11 or so every night but wide awake by 5 or six in the morning. Actually surprised I’m awake right now. But I am lol. Hopefully will head to bed around 12:30 or 1 so I can sleep a little longer and get back into a somewhat normal routine again lol.

Hope everyone had a good Xmas. And I’ll be back before the new year no doubt lol.

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