December means Illness Usually

And this December has been no exception by any means. My God, I’ve been ill this week. Still ill now but nothing like Tuesday/Wednesday. Wednesday morning, around 6 AM, I swear I thought I was going to die. I’d gone to bed with the chills and a slight cough and I knew instinctively it would either pass or I’d be ill as hell. Sadly for me, it was the latter. Fever that scared me, a fever to which I’ve never seen before, hallucinations my fever was that high and just couldn’t sleep. So Thursday I called the doctor’s, my chest was tight and I was starting to feel weezy and sure enough, I had a chest infection, but as if my flu symptoms and chest infection wasn’t enough, my sinuses and ears are also infected. lol. i have to go the whole way right. On antibiotics and steroids now so hopefully i’ll be as right as rain soon.

We’ve had snow here the past week so no horse riding for me. I’ve been doing good in the snow and ice with my awesome riding boots/snow boots. Won’t be riding next week as I have got speaker training with guide dogs which I’m looking forward too. We had a great time at the manchester City fundraiser last Sunday. That was some amazing stuff. So much fun. 🙂 Felt nice to be in a team.

Aaron was up last weekend, and before anyone jumps to any conclusions, truly he is just a friend. Was good to see him and I think he enjoyed coming up. Went to the Xmas markets on the Saturday and then hung with my cousin for a little bit. Such a busy weekend out in the cold, no wonder I was ill lol.

Well two weeks until Xmas, I’ve sent off gift packages for two of my friends in the US. I hope they like them. 🙂

as I said last time about friendships, things are still very up in the air, perhaps even more so but I know I’m lucky with the ones I’ve got and the new friendships I’m making.

The plan I told you about I’m definitely considering but will start work on that in the new year. I’m hopeful but with this government planning on this and that, who knows what will be possible. But if we never try, we’ll never know. 🙂

Anyway, just thought I’d update, no doubt you’ll get the usual crap from me over Xmas.

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