Episode 33

Episode 33 Out of my Hands

She hung up the phone after getting dumped into Lexie’s voice mail yet again. stretching her body out on the couch of her boyfriend’s grandmother’s place, caitlin frowned. JC had gone to get Callie as she’d had to wait at the club for a delivery. Everything was almost ready and she couldn’t believe it. Her world had been turned upside down in the past few months, some things had been for the better, others had almost destroyed her. She didn’t know what she’d have done if Callie hadn’t survived. And Lexie, that seemed odd. Where was she? Surely she would have been back to the house by now and seen the devastation. No one had seen her and Caitlin didn’t have anything to do with Lexie’s social group so calling any of them was out of the question. Hearing the car door, she shot up and went to stand by the front door as she heard keys jangling and a key in the lock and before she knew it, Callie had pelted herself into her mistresses’ arms. “Oh, Callie,” She sobbed as the labrador licked her ears affectionately and sniffed her mistress to check it was her. “What did they say?” she asked as she settled the blonde dog on the rug with her, stroking her ears and touching her all over. “That she was a pleasure to have but they hope never to see her again, in a good way of course,” He knelt by them and patted Callie too. His huge hands dwarfing the dog’s small lab head. “Her harness and leash came in too and I stopped by to get her a new bed, bowls and food.” “We were so lucky,” she felt blessed for the first time in years. “JC, I don’t know what I would have done without her.” He nodded and kissed her as he rose to head out to fetch his purchases inside. Glancing over his shoulder his heart danced at the sight of his girlfriend’s blond hair falling over the dog’s body as she cuddled the wagging dog in her arms.

A few days of hospital rest and Lexie was coughing but free to go. she had no clue where she’d end up. All she knew was that she had to disappear. All she had were the clothes on her back and nothing else. Not even her truck keys. Staring up into the crystal blue sky, the sun beating down in the fall air, Lexie realised she was truly all alone. Jake had turned her into the cops, Emily had deserted her and Caitlin was out of reach because of that asshole of a boyfriend of hers. Standing in the middle of the parking lot, she felt terrified, saddened and uncertain of where she should start in rebuilding her life.

“Lexie? Right?” A shadow fell across her and she looked up to see three huge black men surrounding her. “Now, let’s not make this any more difficult than it needs to be,” The one with ugly dreadlocks smirked evilly as his black eyes danced as though he was a kid at a fairground. “You walk with us quietly, without causing a scene and no one will get hurt.” “but,” the guy to her left, that had oriental tattoos artistically etched into his skin smiled a toothless grin, “if you should decide to cause a scene. Daddyo will find himself in a burning building. Only takes one phone call.” Her heart began to thud in her chest. They wouldn’t, would they? They wouldn’t hurt her dad. Surely they had no clue who he was? They were bluffing, right? “Do you wanna test that?” dreadlocks asked her as though he had read her mind. She shook, knowing she had no choice. Despite her self centred ways, her father meant the world to her. He was in truth, all she had left. She had to go with them. But who were they?

Without realising her feet had been moving, Lexie was thrown into the back of a BMW with tinted windows and her heart began to thud. No cell phone, no way out of this. That fucking JC had orchestrated this. He really hated her. The smell of strong, expensive cologne and weed smoke filled the inside of the leather interior of a car that you would only associate with celebrities or drug lords. Knowing JC and his goddamn reputation he was probably very good at drug dealing, beating people up and manipulating situations to his advantage. she wanted to throw up as a blanket was thrown over her by the silent guy in the rear seat beside her. He had said nothing and that pattern of behaviour wasn’t going to change evidently as the car started and they headed into the unknown.

JC hung up with one of his boys and felt a sense of satisfaction roll over his body as he leaned back in one of his grandmother’s kitchen chairs. He’d ordered nothing to happen, all he’d done, which was probably going to be a further catalyst was mention to some of his outrageously vicious boys that a bitch had set his girlfriend’s house on fire while her guide dog was inside. They had been instantly interested because although they were seen by a lot as scum because they dealt in drugs, killed those who crossed their paths, and paid retribution for wrongs done against their own, they also hated to see the disadvantaged in society targeted maliciously. These particular criminals and gangstas drew the line at old people, after all they’d raised this generation while their mothers had been on crack and the disabled because lets face it, they had enough to deal with. Heros they were not but anyone attack someone rendered defenceless due to a disability as they saw it, you may as well wish for death because what they would do would be much worse. Christophe, who was really named christopher but he thought he was all that and had made everyone call him Christophe for years had told JC that the bitch would pay. Taking away the only thing that had helped his girlfriend live independently was totally wrong and she needed teaching a lesson. All JC had done in reality was tell the tale, which in all honesty was unavoidable as he’d had Callie in the car when they’d crossed paths. Johnny the one who could have his heart melted by animals and kids alike, had asked if JC had bought a labrador and queried why that breed so it was only polite and right to tell how he’d come into possession of the cute golden dog. Once Christophe, Johnny and Melakai had heard what had happened they had insisted on retribution and were more than happy to seek it. All they needed was a description, location and they’d deal with it. JC, of course, obliged. He couldn’t care less if that bitch died after what she had done. And if the cops found her beaten up he was alibied and there would be no connection to him. And those guys would be sure to scare her shitless to the point she wouldn’t remember her name, much better than death. He leaned his head onto his arms as he stared at his laptop. He could hear Caitlin playing with Callie and his grandmother singing in the garden as she pruned her bushes. A smile crept across his thick, sensual lips and his butterscotch coloured eyes gleamed with pride and contentment as he enjoyed the moment of tranquility. This was what life was about, enjoying those who you loved around you. Lowering his head again to the gleam of the macbook’s screen, he began checking emails and grinning as more and more people RSVPed for the club open night. Things had to start going right.

Callie was rolling around with her mistress and Caitlin knew she was one of the luckiest girls at that moment. Standing up and petting Callie’s head, feeling for the dog’s tail and happy to see it was wagging, she stretched and walked to the kitchen. She could hear JC tapping away on his computer and Rose outside singing to her trees as she beautified them. She smiled and opened the refrigerator, pulling out some tuna they’d prepared last night and some lettuce, tomatoes and red onions. Pulling the wholemeal bread from the fridge too, she carried her load to the counter and prepared three plates of sandwiches followed by a pitcher of lemonade. The sun had cooled considerably and they were almost into winter now and caitlin knew it wouldn’t be long before outside lunches wouldn’t be as possible as the spring and fall provided them with such opportunities. She added chips and cut up apples to the plates and placed one at Jc’s elbow. He looked up and caught her hand gently. “Thanks mama,” his voice was husky and she felt a familiar yet long forgotten sensation stir in her gut. with all of the worry of the past week, she’d almost forgotten they were lovers. Bending low to hug him, she kissed his Armani code smelling neck and smiled seductively, with a promise of a thousand in her smile and eyes. He laughed a rumbling, stomach originated laugh and she giggled as she took the second plate out to rose in the garden. Returning to the house, JC had grabbed her plate and the pitcher and was heading out of the door. “We should all eat outside,” he said as he passed her, chewing on a piece of apple. she smiled as Callie ran toward the back door, excited to be granted the opportunity to lay in the sun. And so the three of them sat around the old plastic table chatting and eating a lunch prepared by a girl the older woman and man had come to be very fond of.

The lights were out as they entered a cold concrete room that Lexie had not been in before. This wasn’t the place JC had taken her before. So if these weren’t JC’s buddies, then who the hell were they? They were underground, the drip and the dank earthy smell told her that much. She was pushed almost gently into a room and within a second the door slammed shut. The darkness was overwhelming. It was darkness she’d never been subjected too before. The blackness felt as though it was enclosing her, wrapping her up in a velvet web of evil. Even after ten minutes her vision still couldn’t see a thing. there was no light source. She felt around her. Nothing but cold, wet, slimy stone walls. The ground was cold and earthy and terror streaked through her body. Caitlin had never called the hospital. No one knew where she had been. No one would think she was missing and that only gave her captors time to do whatever the hell they liked to her. She shuddered in her -shirt and sweat pants, she was going to freeze down here and nightfall would only bring more cold and more darkness if that was at all possible. She refused to cry. Crying was a weakness and they couldn’t know they’d got to her. Sitting down, feeling she may as well acquaint herself with her surroundings, she settled in for a long wait.

The sun was dipping lower in the sky as JC, Rose and Caitlin and Callie finished their afternoon of talking and planning. Caitlin felt very welcomed by Rose and she smiled warmly as she collected their dishes and carried them to the kitchen. JC rose and hugged his grandmother while patting Callie and headed back into the house. “Need a hand?” He asked, watching her pile dishes into the rising water of the sink. “No thanks,” She turned to smile at him warmly. “I’m going to head over to the club in a few minutes, are you coming?” “I’ll be there later. Gotta check in,” He knew she understood what that meant and as she nodded and reached for him, he fell more in love with her. Her beautiful blonde hair and blue eyes complimented by her tanned skin and pink lips, that sensual body and pure attraction made him want her but he knew as she did, life had to be on track well before they became distracted by one another. Kissing her lovingly he left, leaving her humming happily as she cleaned up and got ready to work and once again allowing fate to take matters into its hands.

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