To An angel, RIP

No one can know you,
The way I knew you,
The sweet smells from the kitchen,
The way your iron coloured hair curled,
The smell of the hair spray,
The dimples in your cheeks when you laughed,
The bright blue of your eyes that watered with age,
The warmness of your hugs,
The gentleness in your kisses,
The way you made my cereal,
Just the way I liked it,
The way you cheered me up whenever I bumped my knees,
The surprises once a week,
Story tapes of once upon a time,
And the imagination that ran wild while you told me stories in your lamplit bedroom.

The way I snuggled down with your hot water bottle,
The way I was allowed to play outside while you watched from the kitchen,
The times you let me play drum kit with your pans,
The rainy days when outside it was dark and dreary,
We stayed indoors and played shop,
I was the shopkeeper,
You were the customer,
I pulled the entire contents of the cupboards out,
While all you did was smile at my amusement.
The times we painted and coloured,
Created masterpieces of art with plastercene,
The hot summer days we made vimpto ice lollies,
Using straws for sticks,
The cold winters nights you made hot warming food,
Kept me snuck against the winter’s storms,
The Christmas presents sitting under the tree,
The chocolates hanging on the pretty Christmas tree,
The wooly hat you always wore,
The big black bag with sweeties inside,
The cheese on toast in the mornings,
The home made cakes and jellies,
The dress up games,
The fun we shared,
The love you showed,
The time we had,
Too short,
Too brief.
But Grandma,
I’m glad I had you for those nine years,
And thank you forevermore,
For each precious memory.

Love eternal,
Your granddaughter
Of which you bestowed the name,
Marie Jane

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