First year done, Fingers crossed :)

So I submitted my last assignment this week. Although that was a stressful event. Had written the whole damn thing and somehow deleted it so on Thursday night had to rewrite the damn thing. Was really tired after that exertion and was so relieved to have handed it in.

So, fingers crossed I manage to pass everything and can start year 2 with my equipment. Shall have to chase that up this week. Let’s hope I can do this and finally finish a degree.

volunteering is going wel. Bit worried we’re not going to have enough prizes. Need to pop into a few places this next week or so to ask for things.

Just trying to get on with stuff and relax a little before I tackle my editing of my book and fingers crossed I can submit it to smash words before I head back to school.

Bailey’s doing well. I’m feeling good overall. Just missing socialising.

Anyway, just thought I’d drop by. Will catch up soon. Hugs MJ

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